Thursday, February 16, 2012

Simplify Your Life Week Six #syl12

Although I've been enjoying these Simplify Your Life exercises and challenge I've been slack lately. I hate to blame so much on being sick (it's getting old) but the lack of motivation to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard has been the main reason I've been slack. Lately I've been filling my brain with sleep and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Anything mindless.
Now I'm feeling better and ready to make goals for myself and my family. Working with the values I used with the Wheel of Life, I chose goals for each value. It makes sense as I need to work on each one so I can personally be happier and to benefit my family.
Goal: Clean and organise daily, even just ten minutes a day.

Plan: Make cleaning or organising fun by playing music, singing songs or making a game of it. Get the whole family involved in different activities. Start with the little things; one thing per room a day (e.g.. shower one day, toilet the next).
Goal: Spend more time as a family actually doing stuff, not just sitting around doing nothing.

Plan: Every day we are all home together we should all be going out at least once to the park, pool or beach even if just for thirty minutes.
Goal: Be mindful daily.

Plan: Take time out to reconnect with what is going on during the day. Begin at each meal time and go from there. Sit down and talk to lufflump about what has happened so far that day and what he wants to do for the rest of the day.
Goal: Eat well and exercise daily, even just for ten minutes a day.

Plan: Have proper meals, three times daily, with healthier options like nuts, fruits, veggies and dip. I've asked for skates for my birthday present so I can prepare to enter Roller Derby.
Goal: Spend more time reconnecting with and visiting friends.

Plan: Do lunch, visit friends or have play dates at least once a fortnight.
Goal: Delve further into Buddhism.

Plan: Go to more Buddhist events around Brisbane, have sesame and lufflump blessed and read more books about Buddhism.
Goal: Budget, be firm, consistent and stick to it.

Plan: Work with the mister to form a new budget and stick to it especially with groceries. Maybe meal plan as well to keep down costs.
Goal: Build a small veggie garden.

Plan: Start little and do it with lufflump and the mister, as a family activity.

As you can see I'm not making ambitious goals just yet, simply because with a newborn coming I'm sure even these small goals will be difficult to achieve. Looking at them though I'm excited and think that if even half are achieved then our lives will be easier and more enjoyable.


  1. They're perfect goals. Being mindful is a goodie! A-M xx

    1. Thanks lovely. I know you're a very mindful person :)

  2. I like your goals, I need to do some of these. I like your blog header too.

  3. Love your goals Ames. I particularly like the Buddhist goals. I had Miss A blessed a couple of years ago and plan on having Baby J blessed on Buddha Day this year. I am hoping to do a mindfulness stress management course this year as a bit of a refresher too.
    So important to be realistic too, given that your little family will be expanding soon! x

    1. We had lufflump blessed too. It's such a wonderful experience. I love all the colours at the Buddha day. Oh I'm going to suss out a course like that! I definitely need it.

  4. Your goals are great. I like the idea of breaking things down in to at least 10 mins a day. Some days 10 mins is hard to find but it will mean you have fulfilled a goal that day so it's worth it. Other days you might find 30 mins! Good luck with the new arrival soon!

    1. Thank you. That's exactly why I cut them down to ten minutes :) Thanks!

  5. Sometimes i read and think i comment but obviously forget LOL - anyway - going back and re-reading this and love your mindful goal - just to stop and taking it in is such a great way to move forward


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