Thursday, February 23, 2012

Those Days

Ever had days where you wake up just wanting to go back to sleep away the day?

This morning was one of those days. I woke up with lufflump before light feeling unrefreshed and dry retching. I asked the mister to get up with lufflump while I sat on the bed crying uncontrollably.

I drank some water and decided that the mister and I needed to do something today other than just sit around. A shower for us all and we were out the door taking lufflump to daycare. I felt a trillion times better so the mister and I went on a breakfast date.

We went to our favourite coffee place, Campos. We've never actually eaten there before and both of us were a bit iffy about it;
What if the food was gross and our idealistic view was crushed?
What if the service was bad and our idealistic view was crushed?
What if the coffee was bad for once and our idealistic view was crushed?

I can confirm that our idealistic views were NOT crushed and we left extremely satisfied. Not only was the food amazing but so were the coffees and service. What we both love about Campos is the staff are so excited about their products and want to help you in every way possible. They seem genuinely excited about sharing their knowledge.

Not only will we be going back for breakfast or lunch but we'll spread the word. I haven't been paid anything to blog about this company, I just believe in letting everyone know where to get good quality coffee especially in Brisbane as coffee can be TERRIBLE here. I also believe in quality meals and service. For example, there's no way I'll be blogging about my lunch yesterday as everything but the company I was with was mediocre.

After breakfast the mister and I were relaxed, satisfied and feeling a hundred per cent better. We came home and rather than focus on the mess around us; the toys all over the floor, the washing piling up and the kitchen mess, we laid down on the couch and watched movies. The internet went down so we also napped.
Accidentally opening Photobooth means silly photos
I'm so glad I forced myself to get out of my rut, get out of the house and do something enjoyable. A nice change of scenery. If I'd stayed home I most likely would have felt overcome by the mess, frustrated and wanted to stay in bed all day, not only bringing myself but also the mister down.

Have you pushed yourself to do something and be pleased with the result?


  1. Not exactly an answer to your question but Tuesday, my husband and I did the same thing- dropped the kids off but went home for a nap and then a nice late lunch. We both have horrid sleep patterns- it just slowed everything down. Desperately needed!

    1. That sounds like wonderful! Days like that are just so blissful.

  2. I think it's so important to get out of the house when you are feeling in a rut! I often get to the point where I just can't stand myself or the house anymore, and just have to get us all dressed and get out! Coffee is usually my destination as well!

    1. I agree!
      Typical parents addicted to caffeine :)

  3. Sounds like the perfect day!! So glad you are feeling a lot happier after your early morning!!

  4. I don't push myself enough to do it. I'm a bit of a slow learner. I get the buzz of a non-routine day, then promptly let the household state drag me back into the blah. But when I do something different, even against my initial inertia, I do usually feel great too.

    1. I don't do it enough either. I think that this has been a wonderful reminder to do it. The boys get out often and I need to join them.
      It's such a refreshing feeling :)


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