Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Loving

The mister and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day with a lovely picnic in the mountains. We sat in the middle of the clouds with a slight drizzle. It was magical.
Our first Valentine's Day: 2009
This year we didn't do anything apart from chores before the mister went to work where they're having a big Valentine's Day dinner. The mister received a disgustingly soppy text message from me and he'd planned a big adventure day for us before he realised we couldn't do it, damn pregnancy! 

People think it's odd that we don't give gifts to each other every time we are 'supposed' to, like V Day, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. We just don't feel the need to show our love through gifts. I know he loves me when I'm sick in bed and he's doing the housework. He knows I love him when I clean for him or let him sleep in. We know what is special to each other and we do it as often as we can. 

We are the couple that possibly says 'I love you' too much but it's always heartfelt. I find it impossible to sit on the couch without touching him in some way (usually my legs over his). We are affectionate when we aren't jokingly bickering.

What do I love most about the mister? 
He's thoughtful, loyal, works damn hard for his family, he's caring, kind, puts up with my shit and doesn't complain when I'm stuck in bed and the house is a pigsty. He loves us with all his heart and we know it. He is so humble though, I don't think he realises how much he actually does.

What do I love most about me?
My body has produced one beautiful child and is in the process of producing another child. To be able to give the mister and our families that gift is definitely something that I cherish. I also love the way that lufflump and the mister love me. For them to love me the way they do, I have to be doing something right!
V Day 2012
I'm linking up with the amazing Glow from Where's My Glow? who came up with the brilliant idea of posting what we love about ourselves. Some amazing bloggers have joined in too.

What do you love most about yourself?


  1. You and the mister sound very much like Map Guy and I. Always have to be touch when we are near each other - just the brush of an arm, a pat on the back (or bum), and I love it. Maybe that's why we don't do the present thing either? We show our love all the time, not just on "special occasions"?
    Thanks so much for linking up chook xxx

    1. Definitely sounds like we have similar relationships.

      Thank you for having the link in the first place!

  2. I am loving that V Day 2012 pic! And you guys sound a lot like Mick and I - sure, we might indulge in the presents, but its we're the same with the constant " i love you ", the need to touch, to tease and to flirt.
    As for what i love about me - i love that my siblings and sometimes even my parents come to me for advice. I'm not always sure why, but i think it means i have a level head, and a good heart, and that they respect my opinion. I like that, and i like that others think of me that way....

    1. It sounds like you guys have found a good balance that works for you both.

      That's wonderful. I'd come to you for advice too :)

  3. Beautiful post! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!!

  4. This is a beautiful post.
    That's how Mr Black and I used to be, until, well we weren't. I miss it, and wish I knew how to get it back. Sometimes too much has happened. Too much betrayal and hurt that you just can't switch off to it and you find yourself instead angry when you are having a nice moment.

    1. Oh lovely :(
      Maybe as time goes on it'll get better and easier. Sending you my thoughts and love. You know how to contact me if you want to talk xxx

  5. Such a beautiful post, Ames. Your love shows through in your words but also all the pics I've seen on your blog and Instagram.


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