Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting Fit Week One

The fitness journey has begun. 

Just before Easter. 
What was I thinking? 
I come from a long line of chocoholics and Easter is OUR holiday. Chocolate everywhere and for some reason chocolate eggs taste so much better than normal chocolate. 
I'm screwed.
Om nom nom
Can I say I've started this journey and then erase next Sunday? Eat copious amounts of chocolate and just ignore that day?

I was planning to detox starting next Saturday but I think I'll start next Monday. I know I should want to eat healthy and all that but seriously IT'S EASTER! Before you ask, yes every Easter I will eat copious amounts of chocolate. That's my lifestyle choice and I will not beat myself up over it. I like chocolate and I like eating it with my family.

I read an article in some old UK Fitness magazine about people being skinny fat. That is so me. I may be skinny but I am not fit, have no muscle and a lot of fat. If my metabolism wasn't that of my father's I'd be huge. The fact that I'm the heaviest I've ever been while not pregnant is enough motivation (without having roller derby as motivation) to get me off the couch and moving.

I've downloaded a whole bunch of exercise videos. My favourites are with Jillian Michaels. I love her, she is so motivating and so real. I've also downloaded her podcasts which are hilarious, especially her tangents. So far I'm doing just the warm ups from these videos and that is more than enough. I need to build my fitness slowly especially before I get the go ahead from my doctor (hopefully next week).

Yesterday I dusted the Wii Fit board off and logged in. It's not my friend yet, telling me my Wii Fit age is 27. That board's got some sucking up to do! As I said before my weight is the heaviest it's been without being pregnant at 58.5kgs. It may not seem huge but as I normally sit around 54kgs it's big for me. No wonder I'm still using my belly belt on my jeans.

I've decided to give myself weekly goals. Putting them on here forces me to acknowledge them and makes me accountable. Can you tell I need all the motivation I can get? 

This week's goals are;
- Use Wii Fit for a minimum of 15mins daily
- Warm up exercises daily
- Ten push ups this week
- Walk to park twice this week
- Six glasses of water daily
- One shake with egg and banana daily
- Limit coffee to one cup daily
- Eat as healthy and raw as possible
- Sunday off!

Added motivation;
Week one
Do you have any exercise or healthy eating tips?


  1. You poor thing starting at Easter! That will definitely test your willpower!
    Love the idea of little weekly goals, its so hard to change all bad habits at once so just having little goals is awesome!
    My problem is exercise- I need to exercise like a freak to see any results (which is why I am starting crossfit this weekend yay!)
    But my diet has always been spot-on. One thing I love love love for energy is a spinach & banana smoothie- literally just a banana & about 2-3 handfuls of spinach & some water & ice in the blender. Its yummy and is a massive vitamin & energy hit with little calories.
    Looking forward to seeing how you go and kudos on posting some before pics- im way to shy to do that!

    1. It's almost midday on Easter Sunday and I haven't had any chocolate yet. Mind you my dad is due to be here in an hour with chocolate so I'll be in trouble then!
      You're doing crossfit, that's amazing!
      I never even thought about putting spinach in a smoothie, will have to try that :)
      Have you taken before pics? Maybe when you've reached your goal you'll post them. I need as much motivation as possible and need to see progress!

  2. I am sooo impressed. You've JUST had a baby. Go girl! A-M xx

    1. Six weeks ago though so I can get on board with getting fit! Yay :)

  3. Im on board..

    Dusted off the bike and am going to start riding when I have no kids.

    I started the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, but im not fit enough.. Still trying though.

    Good luck. Im with you. Easter is for eating chocolate. I will be wiping that day too!!

    1. I'm begging the mister for a bike so we can go riding together although last time I got on a bike I couldn't ride!
      Oh I love Jillian! It's so intense though. I have been doing just the warm up exercises for week one of her 30 Day Shred and get exhausted that's how unfit I am! Hopefully next week I'll get further into it :)

  4. I totally get the skinny fat thing too. I've been going to fitness classes twice a week for the last four months or so, and eating paleo, and I'm enjoying feeling stronger. Although the number on the scales hasn't changed, I can sprint. I can lift heavy things. I can walk to the store without tiring. My stomach is flatter. All these things mean so much more to me than the number (thought that would be nice too!).

    The person who keeps inspring me to get stronger not skinner is Staci- her story is here:

    I also can't wait to see your first rollery dery outfit!

    1. Wow Amy that's so awesome! I agree that they're more important than the number on the scales. I think inches, muscle vs fat and how you feel is so much more important than weight.
      I love Staci's story! I've bookmarked it for motivation, thanks for sharing :)
      Hahaha the Roller Derby fashion is so much fun! I just can't wait to get my gear, I want to be out skating right now!


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