Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rainy Days

I found this post hiding in my drafts folder from about a year ago. My blojo (blog mojo) has gone and it's raining so it seems perfect timing to hit publish!

Whenever it rains kids go crazy. It's science. They can't play outside like usual, no going to the park, no fun adventures. Especially, if like me you don't drive. Public transport and rain just don't mix well. It's science.

That means being stuck at home indoors. Boring.

Kid's energy levels don't change with the weather like adults (rainy days = day in bed). So what to do?

We dance. Favourites at the moment include 'I Like To Move It' from Madagascar 2 and 'El Buzzo' from Toy Story 3.
We play with balloons. Lots of balloons.
We draw. We draw using a magna doodle type thing, pens, highlighters, pencils and chalk.
We play blocks. We make tall, short, big and small houses.
We watch movies. Favorites at the moment include Shrek 2 and 4 and Toy Story 3. Some rainy days we watch way too many movies but we make up for it on other, usually sunny, days.
Rainy days can be fun. They can be action packed. 

To use up energy we usually play under blankets or chase each other around the house. It uses all lufflump's energy up and makes me exhausted too.
What do you do on rainy days?

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