Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting Fit Week Three

Week two was a good week! I love good weeks.

Last week's goals;
- Use Wii Fit at least five days Done. My Wii Fit age was 20 all week. I did 30 minutes two days, an hour one day and 10 minutes the last day. I didn't go on the Wii two days this week as it was just too hard with two kids to look after.
- Fifty knee push ups in total I did eighty this week. 
- Skating for an hour Tuesday night Fail. I explain more here.
- Skip for at least five minutes three days Fail. I did it twice this week for less than five minutes. When did skipping become hard?
- No caffeine I had coke on Saturday night. Vanilla Coke. I'm still happy as I've cut out coffee daily. Man, I miss it!
- Six glasses of water every day I passed this if 1.5L of water is six glasses. I have no idea but it's a hell of a lot more water than I'm used to.
- Be aware of and limit amount of sugar consumed Chocolate fail. It's just too yummy. Same as ice-cream. Damn.
- One shake with egg and banana at least four days Done. We added berries and yoghurt too. Delicious!

I'm happy with the goals I achieved. While I didn't skate Tuesday night for an hour, I did skate on Sunday morning for two hours. I didn't skip for five minutes three days this week but I did at least twenty squats every day. I exercised for at least ten minutes every day last week even if it was just stretching. 

Wednesday night I went to Northern Brisbane Rollers Recreational League info night. I signed up with 39 other people to start phase one of Rec League. My Roller Derby career is starting from the very bottom. The mister bought all my gear for me including Sure Grip Rebel with have a better plate than the standard. Apparently that means I can skate on them for longer than I would with normally as the plate would be what I'd upgrade first (apart from wheels, I can't wait to get pretty pink indoor wheels). 
Sure Grip Rebels
Sunday I fell on my ass three times, once taking some poor girl with me after my skate clipped hers. I was definitely wobbly on my feet but I was able to keep up and do what was required. We learned how to do a single knee stop, double knee stop and baseball stop. My knee pads are on order, hopefully coming this week, so I had to hire pads. Those pads weren't the best for what we were doing. I've got a lovely bruised knees.
A couple of hours after practice, it's bigger now
If I want to get better at skating and progress to the next phase in six weeks, I'll need to practice more than just Sundays. It's scary but damn it's fun. A whole lot more fun than scary. I'm enjoying it so much already and can't wait until next Sunday. 

I need to work on my thigh and butt muscles as on Sunday my legs were giving way and I was definitely struggling to get back up off my knees. They're also what's most sore today, but not as sore as I expected. I can get on and off the toilet with relative ease. 

This week's goals;
- Do Wii Fit at least five days, minimum 30mins
- 10 knee push ups every day (my poor knees are starting to hurt from Sunday)
- 50 squats every day
- Roller Derby Workout DVD at least one day this week
- Skate two hours on Sunday
- Put on skates every day
- Minimum 1.5L water every day
- One shake every day
This workout at least three times this week

I really want to start c25k this week but I think next week will work better. If I get the chance I'll start it this week but I don't want to put it as a goal.

So far today I've worn my skates, done 30mins on the Wii, 10 knee push ups, 50 squats, drunk 750mL of water, and I'm about to go make a shake. I got the luxury of a 10am sleep in today too. The mister is at work, sesame is in her swing and lufflump is doing the exercises with me so it can be done. Mind you they're having a good day today. Ask me on a day when the kids are cranky and I'll probably bite your head off.

I feel good. I feel stronger. I can see changes in my body already and it's exciting. 



  1. Wow - roller derby! That is way cool! What is your derby name?

    I have thought about doing roller derby, but after seeing your knees and knowing that there is actually a special workout, I am not sure if I am that keen! Perhaps I will stick to running!!

    Thanks for linking in with Team Friday, very chuffed.

    Oh, and I am not sitting here just waiting for someone to link in either, I realise I am commenting only minutes after you linked in. I was just having a break from an article I am writing and saw that someone had linked in... Just so you don't think I am you know, weird or anything...


    1. I think I'm going to choose Miss Maims. Not 100% yet.

      My knees were only that bruised from wearing shitty, inadequate hire pads. My new knee pads are AMAZING! It's like falling on soft pillows. No more knee bruises :) It's pretty intense, the fitness levels needed. I should have waited another six weeks to get my fitness levels up but I'm skating and that's the main thing :)

      Hahaha weird is good but I didn't think anything of it :) Thanks for the linky! Can't wait for more!

  2. That's amazing Ames! I'm so impressed by your list of goals - you are doing so well. Especially with two littlies!! One of my unofficial goals is to use the Wii Fit a few times a week but it means getting up early in the morning before the kids are around. Morning + Exercise are my too least fave things - may as well put them together ;P Keep up the great work & hope your knees recover soon!

    1. Thanks! I wish I could complete all the goals just for one week. Oh well..
      I agree about morning and exercise, I can't believe that I get up at 5:30 on Saturdays and 6:00 on Sundays to go exercise. So not me but the outcome is worth it :)


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