Thursday, April 12, 2012

Simplify Your Life Week Twelve #syl12

Ok time to catch up on the Simplify Your Life challenge.  I apologise in advance for the bombardment of these posts as I catch up. I'm quite behind as I had a break from this during my blog break too.


Oh how my life is changing right now. From not having the energy to get out of bed to exercising daily. From the house being a huge mess to being reasonably tidy. Just ignore the massive pile of clean washing waiting to be folded and put away. From being distant with lufflump's life and day to focusing and playing with him, being mindful.

Change can be so wonderful.

We had a horrible day on Tuesday. Lufflump was sick, not sleeping, vomiting and cranky all day. Sesame wouldn't sleep anywhere but in my arms and cried almost all day. I was home alone, this mister is working during the day this week rather than at night. I was supposed to go to an adult learn to skate lesson that night but after a day like that I was over everything. The mister came home, got handed the kids and I locked myself in the bathroom. I couldn't look at anything to do with Roller Derby, instead finished reading a book on the Kindle app. I was ready to give up.

I would have given up but the changes I've made so far are worth more than one bad day, one bad night.

Last night I sucked up every doubt I had and went to a Roller Derby Recreational League info night. I was so anxious going but I was also excited. Unfortunately my body is still learning that adrenaline isn't always a bad thing. The info night was fascinating and reaffirmed that this is one change I am very keen to make. In fact, I'm signed up to start very basic skating and roller derby training for six weeks starting this Sunday morning.
I could have let my negative thoughts and feelings take over the passion I felt for roller derby and getting healthy. I probably would have before. I would have given up and moved onto something else and probably given that up to. I've changed. My thoughts have changed. It feels good.

I'm so glad life is moving on. The mister is happy with his fitness, riding around 15kms every day. Lufflump is communicating and talking so much more. Sesame is, well, a newborn. 

Life is good.

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