Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Fit Week Five

Although I made my goals smaller for last week (week four) I still ended up failing. I took a day off and didn't go to boot camp Saturday morning so fell behind. 

Last week's goals;
- Do Wii Fit at least three days, minimum 30mins I did one day.
- 500 knee push ups Fail - they don't agree with me, I did 100.
- 500 squats Done!
- 500 crunches I did 400.
- 50 burpees I did 35
- 500 jumping jacks I did 380
- Skate on road once I skated outside twice!
- Skate two hours on Sunday Done and loved it! Cannot wait till next week.
- Put on skates three times I put them on four days.
- Minimum 1.5L water every day Done.
- Four shakes Only had two. 
- Boot camp Saturday morning I didn't want a repeat of last week where I was injured and couldn't skate so I skipped. Plus it was raining.
- At least one Ease into 5k work outs Done. Easier than expected.

Squats are becoming easier and I'm looking at doing more at one time, 100 this week. I've been doing burps in ten blocks and they're also getting easier. Jumping jacks still take my breath away but the longer I can do them in one bulk the better endurance I'll have. Knee push ups suck. I'd rather do burpees than push ups. Yes, seriously.

I skated outside for the first time this week as well. My outdoor wheels are a pretty hot pink and I love using them. The first day (Wednesday) we went to a small park that had a deserted basketball court. It was tough and very bumpy. I fell on my ass a few times. Always the same butt cheek. The second day (Thursday) I was feeling horribly sick, in fact we left our favourite restaurant due to me being sick that morning. It was that day or later this week and I was itching to get a skate in before Sunday. There's an awesome bike trial at a massive, newly renovated park which we went to. Naively I thought that it would be one long bit of concrete rather than little slabs, but no the cracks sucked. I fell on my ass, same butt cheek, a few times again. The problem with concrete is there is no such thing as knee slides, it's knee stops which if not prepared can be a shock. I'm hoping to go back for another skate this week.

I neglected the Wii this week as well. I have no excuse really. It did take me over an hour to complete a 27min workout on it though which is frustrating. Hopefully I'll get to go on it tonight to do boxing, stepping, jogging and cycling. Sleep, children, sleep!

I don't run. I've never been a runner. In fact I'd be one of the first dead after the zombie apocalypse. I need endurance in derby so I've decided to become a runner of some sorts. I'm using the Ease into 5k app to help me. Last week I started it by doing the first day of week one. I just ran and walked around our yard rather than in public. I think next time I'll walk down to the field and run/walk around that. Everywhere else has hills. Why did we move to the hilliest area?

I thought I scaled down my goals for last week but obviously I didn't do a good enough job so again I'll be scaling down.

This week's goals;
- Do Wii Fit Plus at least once
- Skate Sunday
- Put skates on four days
- Skate outside at least once
- Do 50 squats, 50 crunches, 50 jumping jacks, 10 burpees and 10 knee push ups every day
- Minimum 1.5L water every day
- At least three shakes
- At least one Ease into 5k work outs
- One workout video this week

It's been four weeks since I started. I haven't eaten very healthy though so that would have impacted on my fitness. Keeping in mind the picture I posted last week I can see a difference and I'm sticking it out. I'm excited to see even more changes!
Week one
Week four


  1. Good work Ames - even If you don't achieve all your goals you are doing heaps and should feel proud of yourself. Keep up the great job you are doing !!!

    Love, hugs and positive energy !

    1. Thanks! I'm keeping up with these goals this week and I'm feeling really positive about it :) Thank you for the confidence!!

  2. Looking good! I can definately see the difference too!

    1. Thank you, glad someone else can :)

  3. You look amazing! My belly is still far too big a year on. Then my family was genetically blessed with the apple physique. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank lovely. I've got the lovely pear shape... irritating but got to work with what you're given :)

  4. I can see the difference too. Great work!! Rachel x

  5. Good work! You look fantastic- especially considering how old your youngest is! I'm in awe :) Love hearing about your roller derby journey- it's so cool!

  6. Yeah Mumma go! Ames you are amazing keep up the great work. Those ease into 5km apps are great. I am at the end of one and wondering where I should go next, thinking of doing it again and see if I can do it better

  7. Wow - you are totally awesome for posting pics of yourself! How old is that baby of yours!? Goodness - you are one hot mumma!

    The thing that I love about your posts is that you are still doing SOMETHING - you haven't given up - which is the key I think {because I am so the expert about this - NOT} . Not giving up means you at least have a shot at success. Which is great.

    Good on you girlfriend! Thanks for linking in with Team Friday - I love that you have linked in every week. Mwah!

  8. Good work Ames! Thank you for sharing your journey and progress with us!

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