Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Of The Past Week

Naps make everyone happy
Sunday we all had pretzels and spent the morning outside before lufflump and the mister went to the movies.
Lufflump is a total super hero!
Sesame is a super hero just like her brother!
Outside has become our inside and everyone loves it especially these two.
FaceTime is awesome to connect with mum/Noni.
Iron Fist continue to make amazing shoes including these unicorn shoes.
Women's Health's Pinterest boards are worth following for pins like this.
Australian's own roller derby magazine, Hit and Miss, has awesome mercy that I'm eyeing off!
This week I've been obsessively watching archive footage of the 2012 Crossfit Games. Amazing athletes!
These recycled skateboard stools are amazing!
I'm totally lusting over these wheels. Really need a sponsor...


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