Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I Wore: Hospital Pick Up

The mister finally had his operation last week. Nothing big, just a hernia removed but it means big things. In six months he'll be sending off a letter from his doctor stating that he is now fit to join the airforce. After almost four years he'll be going away. That's an entirely different post though.

I wasn't meant to be going to pick him up from the hospital. His mum was but at the last minute we decided it would be easier if we all went so I could run in and we didn't have to pay for parking. There was one problem, nothing major just the fact that our car doesn't really fit a person and two carseats in the back seat. Luckily I didn't need to sit in the back as I waited at the hospital for the mister's medication while his mum drove him home so he could lay down.
Waiting at the hospital.
This outfit was thrown on in literally a minute. A quick 'oh shit, what am I going to wear' moment. Luckily I'd just done a shitload of washing so everything was clean.
Comfy jeans!
I love these jeans. They're super tight like leggings (I refuse to call them jeggings. I do not own jeggings) but comfortable. Oh and they're green! I like green, it's fun and fresh while still a bit tough and not pastel. Don't get me wrong I love pastel jeans but I don't think I could pull them off, they're very girly.
Ignore the bra strap please.
The shoes go perfectly! They were a gift from my SIL as they hurt her feet. They're a tad too big for me so they don't hurt and are quite comfy too. I'm all about the comfort!

This shirt is a versatile favourite. The colours mean it goes with almost everything and it's also comfy. The only problem is it's kind of see through so I do wear a singlet underneath. It's not the best for really hot weather but more than fine when there's a bit of wind around.

Hats are a must when having short hair. Constant bed hair can be passed off with long hair but not with my short hair. I find this is the perfect 'not cold but not hot' hat. In America I think they'd call it a fall hat.
This is the type of photo that happens when selfies are the only way to go.
Top - Trade Secret 2009
Singlet - Supre
Jeans - Cotton On
Shoes - Sportsgirl
Hat - Gift from my mum


  1. I love the outfit and you look fan-damn-tastic!! I'm with you on the pastel jeans. Can't do it, but I like some of the other colours. I don't think green is my colour unfortunately b/c you are rocking these and they look great!

  2. You look great! I'm not sure I could rock that look, personally. But I loved the bright jeans.

  3. I LOVE coloured jeans but just can't wear them - I have tried them on numerous times but always take them off and put them back on the rack. I feel like a lighthouse when I wear them !!!!
    You look great in them - love the hat (although not sure I could pull it off !!!)
    Have the best day !

  4. I love the bright jeans!

    And hoorah for the airforce! How exciting to almost be at a point where you can send off the referral. I remember the ups and downs of waiting for medical clearance- it's infuriating, and exciting, at the same time. You sure he doesn't want to swap for the Navy? We could live on base next door to each other and be BFF's forever! :P


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