Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I Wore: Gay Pride Skate

Sunday night our not so local skate rink (how does Brisbane city not have a skate rink?) held a Gay Skate to raise money for Gay Pride. A bunch of NBR girls attended and the mister and I love any excuse to get out of the house and skate so we were in.

The only problem was what to wear. I wear a lot of black so I wanted to dress outside of my normal comfort zone. Dressing happy and flamboyantly was on the cards plus something I could easily skate in without showing my bits or being limited in movement.
This dress was just screaming to be worn. It's my mum's from before she had me (so pre-1986) and I'd never worn it in public. It's not exactly something you can just throw on to get the groceries. It's not exactly my style, the colours or the fit. Bodycon is not a style I've worn due to my obvious pear body type but I loved it. Since I've gotten more muscle and associated with a sport that accepts all body types has given me the confidence to wear tighter, shorter clothes. Jeans are still my favourite but skirts and shorts are no longer out of the question or just for summer.
I like big butts and I cannot lie...
I did wear bike pants underneath as I knew I'd fall over and no one wants to see my bits. Not to mention the comfort of knowing I had something underneath to protect myself. I also wore a pink tank underneath as I wasn't sure about the exposed shoulders and how exposed I could end up. It also meant I could wear a sports bra without making it obvious.

The pink fishnet tights haven't been worn since my clubbing, pre-children days and were perfect. I'll be wearing them again even if just to training. They were comfortable and I had awesome indentations for a couple of hours afterwards.
No idea how to pose
It was a fun night, filled with lots of laughter, dancing and of course skating. I got compliments on my attire and will be sure to wear it out again next time we go clubbing, whenever that may be.

Dress: Mum's. Tagged: FRESH Mooloolaba
Singlet: Kmart $5
Tights: I think Myer circa 2004 


  1. Honey - you're young and gorgeous and you look smokin' hot in that dress. You can wear stuff like that and should!
    Love Mumabulous

  2. Wow you skated in a dress? awesome!! love the 80's fashion!!

  3. Love how you look - hope you had a great time.
    Have the best week !

  4. As a guy I can't really comment on the dress however you confidence about being able to wear it clubbing (soon?) is commendable!

  5. WOW! Thats an awesome outfit!!! You look hot!

    #teamIBOT was here to say hello :)

  6. love this - you look awesome and i love hearing about the derby life- your pink fishnets rock!

  7. Yay Ames! So sorry we missed it! That 80s style would have fitted in with our previous night out so well. We just felt we needed to head home sooner rather than later!
    Awesome outfit though! :D xx

  8. OMG, Ames! Wow, just wow!!! And didn't you just have a baby??? Your body is just hawt, lady!
    P.S The 80's ROCK!! xxx

  9. Um, you look AMAZEBALLS! Rock those colours bitch x

  10. You look amazing in that dress!! Amazing!

  11. You look amazing!!! WowoI love the colours and that dress is so in right now!! I cant believed you skated in it! You go girl!! z

  12. You look Awesome! I think those kind of dresses are made for pear shapes; show off those gorgeous curves!

  13. Love those photo captions, and am SO excited to find another roller derby mummy blogger!!!!!!!


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