Monday, September 17, 2012

What I Wore: Outdoor Roller Derby Training

Roller derby has taken over my life.

I exercise to be fitter for derby. I don't eat better but if I did it would be for derby. I buy clothes to wear both normally and to derby. Tights have become my best friend thanks to derby. So have socks. Shorter hair is awesome under a helmet hence the big haircut (which I'm now bored of). I even bought a heap of studded earrings so I can wear them with my helmet. Goodbye hoops.

Monday night was the first time we trained outside on netball courts for rec league. It was a mad dash for some to change their wheels to outdoor or hybrids. I borrowed the mister's hybrids so I could lend out my outdoors. I'm not the biggest fan of my outdoors, they're a bit too narrow for my liking whereas the mister's Bruisers are wide and much easier to skate on in my opinion. 

Knowing that at some stage I'd kiss the rough ground it was not the time for skimpy clothes. Layers would protect more than bare skin but I was still going to be sweating so not too many or I'd end up with heat exhaustion. Oh the dilemma! Luckily bruises, blood and gore are a derby girl's trophy. 
I like black.
I chose my usual winter workout outfit. 3/4 tights, skort, knee high socks (stolen from the mister as the heel is where my skates meet my ankle, so comfy), sports bra, NBR singlet, Nike runners, beanie hat and the mister's Threadless jacket.

I found wearing tights without knee highs are uncomfy with my gaskets so knee highs are worn until summer when I'll be sporting rink rash from falling in just shorts.
WTF did red eye reducer thingy do to my eyes?
We did off skates training so the jacket didn't last long. Running, jogging, or in my case skipping, warms you up quickly. Oh and I am definitely not a runner. Asthma hit my like a ton of bricks and I had to sit out. Give me burpees, squat jumps and mountain climbers any day over running or jogging (said with a silent j).
I skipped a lot that night.
I'm vain. I wear makeup to training. Just eyeshadow and mascara and as it's already pretty smudged it doesn't matter how messed up it gets. Wearing makeup doesn't mean you take it any less seriously than the chick who wears none. If you don't believe me come watch a session. On skates, as I suck at off skates training.
Mah face.
On Monday night I fell over, I sweated like a lady and I rode the track like a bitch. It was a successful night indeed. Best part though was roller netball. You read correctly; netball on roller skates. Dangerous, intense and so much fun!

Singlet: NBR official merchandise (buy at bouts)
Jacket: Threadless (doesn't look available anymore)
Skort: Skate Salvage American Apparel
Tights: Target
Socks: The Misters'
Shoes: Nike Air Dictate 2 (bought at Amart All Sports)
Hat: West End Markets $6!


  1. You cannot look any cuter than that!!! Love love love what you've got on and wouldn't think that you're a mum of two tbh. Not that there's a way a mum of 2 should look like, if you know what I mean. Huge fan of threadless btw. Have been buying up big and trying to get back to the time when graphic tees were huge - the '90s. Yeah..must be my mid-life crisis calling out to me. xx

    1. Oh Norlin you are so sweet. I'm with you, Threadless makes me feel like a teenager again. A responsible, not so carefree teenager mind you.


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