Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week Three #operationMOVE

This was a hard week.

Not only was the mister away for his operation and recovery but I also didn't attend one derby training session so I was already two hours down exercise wise.

Looking after the two kids alone took most of my energy. Sesame deciding to wake before 6am most mornings wasn't helpful. This week was the first week I wished I ran or enjoyed walking. My anxiety flares up when thinking of going for a walk with both kids. A treadmill would be ideal. A free treadmill that is.

Anyway, this week was pretty much a write off. I did under four hours, the lowest I've done in months.

Saturday - twenty minutes arm strengthening workout (20mins)
Sunday - two hours roller derby training, five minute walk, fifty crunches, one chin up, ten reverse pull ups, ten minute blocking session with the mister (145mins)
Monday - twenty minutes reverse pull ups, push ups, crunches, fire hydrants (20mins)
Tuesday - thirty minutes push ups, crunches, fire hydrants, hip flexors, ballerinas (30mins)
Wednesday - ten minutes squats, ballerinas (10mins)
Thursday - forty minutes push ups, crunches, reverse crunches, squats, wall sits, derby stance holds (40mins)
Friday - ten minutes of light exercise (10mins)
Total - 275 minutes

Next week should be back to normal. I have my usual four hours of training so will, at least, be exercising more.


  1. We always have set backs but you girl sure did rock it despite the set backs! Well done!!! Ive just joined operation move so I'm excited to share the journey!

  2. Still more than me!! ... scrimmage is on as I type, but at least I got to 4 hours last week ... at the moment I'm at home with my two little ones who are worth it :) ... PS Very curious, what are ballerinas??

  3. I have no idea what a fire hydrant is but it sounds hard!

    Some weeks are like that hey. Onwards and upwards :)


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