Friday, January 27, 2012

Sesame - Week Thirty-Four

We had an antenatal check up on Monday which was interesting. 

Not only is my blood pressure still low but now I'm also measuring two weeks small when I wasn't before. I have another appointment in two weeks time where I'll be measured again. If I'm measuring smaller than two weeks then I'll have to have a scan to make sure sesame is thriving adequately. I had the same problem with lufflump, measuring small, but the midwife is concerned because at twenty-eight weeks I was measuring normal. I'm trying not to stress about it but I honestly don't want to be induced, not in two weeks anyway.

My iron levels will be checked at the next appointment too. I'm taking Spate which is WAY better than any iron tablets. Rather than upsetting my stomach and causing me to be hold up in the bathroom or bed, I actually have energy. I'm not sleeping as much, I'm getting more stuff done in and out of the house, on the net and with the family. It's wonderful feeling more alive.

I am still peeing every half hour to hour even during the middle of the night. Sleeping is very hard when you're getting up to go to the toilet constantly or have a toddler still waking during the night. Add strange dreams into the mix as well and you've got my night. If it's humid, like last night, lufflump's bed looks fine to sleep in until I need to pee again. It's a cycle. One that I'm not enjoying.

Our birth classes have finished and I learned so much that a blog post is necessary. The last labour makes more sense now and hopefully this labour will make sense from what we've learnt.

One thing I need to stop doing is reading anything scary especially zombie stories before bed. The nightmares are horrific and feel so real. From now on I'll be reading light romance or Buddhist books before I drift off. Anything to help me sleep a little bit better.
Australia Day
Last photo I saw the size of my ass, not impressed.


  1. You are pretty tiny lol. Thats my jealousy talking though. I looked like a hippo by 28 weeks lol.

    I remember the awful nightmares I had when pregnant. It was pretty scary. A midwife recommended falling asleep with a damp washer on my head. It reduces your body temp a little and can help with nightmares.

    Can't wait to see Sesame!!

    1. I feel like a hippo!

      Oh wow I'm definitely trying that tonight, thank you!

      I can't either, not long now :)

  2. 34 weeks already?! Wow. Hopefully all goes well and you won't need to be induced. I was pretty huge at 34 weeks too. Bub came out pretty much on 3kg on her due date of 5th March.

    1. It's gone so quick yet so slow!
      I'd be more than happy with 3kg on the 5th March :)

  3. Look at you, stunning pregnant lady! Hopefully you don't have to be induced early, we are all eager to meet Sesame but can wait another six weeks at least :)

    1. Oh thank you wonderful.
      Yep I agree, eager but not quite that eager!


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