Friday, January 6, 2012

December Photo Challenge #decpics

In late November the wonderful Tina Gray posed a 30 Day Photo Challenge for the month of December and of course I jumped at the chance. 
Here is my December in 2011;
1: Favourite Food 2: Smile 3: Happiness 4: Leaves
5: Morning Sky 6: Books 7: Something Funny 8: Favourite Colour
9: Inspiring Person 10: Nature 11: Something Old 12: Hands
13: Written Word 14: Movement 15: Technology 16: Animals
17: Memories 18: Something New 19: Best Friends 20: Seasonal
21: Where You Sleep 22: Clothing 23: In Your Closet 24: Gratitude
25: Artwork 26: Transportation 27: Daily Routine 28: Nighttime
29: Light 30: Self Portrait


  1. Gorgeous pics! Don't you love a good photo challenge :)
    x Sannah

  2. Nice! I dont think i could dedicate myself to a 30 day photo challenge, and i dont think my camera is up to scratch either...


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