Monday, January 9, 2012

While The Child Was Away

Just before New Years lufflump went on a holiday with my mum, lufflump's Noni, and her boyfriend to my grandparent's house near Port Macquarie. It was the longest time lufflump and I have been apart, three days and two nights.

The mister and I shared two full days and one night together (he still had to work). We spent a whole day shopping, slept in and went to a friend's party. Bliss.
After sleeping in
The break was great but they somehow managed to bring back the wrong kid. Lufflump went away a lovely child and has come back a terror. Worming him will hopefully work or Noni had better get used to babysitting a whole lot more often.

I did learn some valuable lessons while lufflump was being corrupted and I'm kind enough to share them with you. 
I slept for more than four hours straight and deeply. There was no waking me for anything. The mister gave me my tablets and I don't remember a thing. The whole house could have been ransacked and I would have slept quite peacefully through it. We even slept in until 9am! Energy was back with a vengeance. Was.
We constantly forgot that lufflump wasn't with us, it was like he was just sleeping A LOT. We even had a near freak out thinking he'd run off at the shops. If either of us talked loudly the other person would go to quiet them. Not once either. When driving I found myself turning the music down and checking that lufflump was still sleeping. It's also VERY strange looking in the backseat and not seeing a carseat.
Having a to-do list that includes anything but sleep, read, watch movies, listen to music, pee alone, and be lazy is pointless. Housework CAN be done when the child is home, the above peacefully cannot.
We not only bought lufflump a whole new wardrobe but discussed our fears, hopes and dreams for him. We realised just how much we love co-sleeping, that the hugs and kisses are worth the occasional kicks.
The mister and I watched 'Friends With Kids'. It was torture not being able to give lufflump a cuddle after bawling my eyes out. The only movies to be watched while the child is away should involve violence, sex, foul language and horror. Nothing with children.
The mister and I were able to reconnect as a couple, complete with butterflies on my behalf. We were relaxed without the usual daily stresses that comes with being parents. We held hands while shopping, giggled together, hugged and kissed at every opportunity and fell asleep holding hands like we used to before children. It felt like new love, but better.
Since lufflump was conceived our whole life has changed and continues to change. While it can be tough at times, it's so very rewarding. Everything we do is with him in mind and we wouldn't change it for anything. He makes life worth living and his sister will only add to that.

Have you learned anything from a child free break?


  1. What i learned from our honeymoon in November is that i love my little man! I went away vowing we wouldnt do the whole " i wonder what flynns doing? " conversation - we'd just be us for a while - but we did; we had a whole lot! However i also learnt that i am still capable of dressing up a bit and being Amy for a while, not just Mummy all the time...

  2. LOVE this!! It's sooooo true, every word. We had a date morning, and we spent the first half, at least, talking about the kids! Wouldn't swap it for the world though :)

    Oh butterflies... I miss those!

  3. I have only had 24 hours away from my eldest, now 3 and a half and it really is nice to miss her. I am so jealous of your sleep. So. Jealous. And your cuddles with your partner. Baby number 2 has moved in now so I don't know if my partner and I are ever going to spoon ever again!


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