Friday, January 13, 2012

What's In Your Handbag #JANphotoaday

I did plan to do my usual Sesame weekly update today but it's just not going to happen. The mister and I spent the morning watching movies together, dyed my hair (still blonde) and now I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Or at least the dinosaurs that have been thrown at my head this afternoon are taking their toll.

So a relatively fluffy post it is. I'm participating in the January photo challenge as I posted here. Today's challenge was to post a photo about what's in your bag.

I was in between bags. One was half stocked with lufflump's stuff and the other was packed from the hospital. Tomorrow I'll be heading to the shops with my dad and lufflump so I packed the bag I'll be using then, my lovely Vanchi Doctor bag.
My bag and everything in it
Now to break it all down.
Too much stuff?
ONE: Inner-B Mum Organiser which I LOVE! I also use it as my wallet, with all my cards and notes in it. So far I'm sticking to keeping it updated. I also have a small notebook from Smiggle (the polka dot/mix one) in the back pocket which I use as a blog journal. It's definitely helping me stick to using a diary. I hear it takes 21 days to form a habit, so maybe ask me in eight days whether I'm still using it.
TWO: Letter to send to the Sheriff for Jury Duty. I'm so bummed that I've finally been called just when I'm due to give birth. I'm such a nosey parker that I'd love to sit on a jury, I find it so interesting!
THREE: Six pens and a highlighter. I also carry a pen or two in my organiser. Why so many, I have no idea!
FOUR: My coin purse from Tree of Life. It's so cute, light and handy! Using it makes me smile.
FIVE: House and car keys with a peace sign key ring that I'm sure my SIL gave me. 
SIX: Business/blog cards in an adorable case by Zoe at A Boys Mumma. Zoe is so talented and I have gotten so many comments on this. If you want to buy one contact Zoe here.
SEVEN: Lucas Papaw ointment and Bodysol SOS lip balm. If you don't have some Papaw ointment head to your chemist or Woolies and buy some. I bought this jar four years ago and still have over half a jar left after using it almost daily. Best purchase ever. I got the Bodysol SOS lip balm for free in a Bounty bag and so far it's pretty good to use, not too heavy nor light.
EIGHT: iPhone earphones. Generic ones that come with the iPhone simply because I don't use them often enough. The mister has fancy ones but I just don't feel the need to. The only time I use them is when I'm by myself and that's a rare occurrence. I might buy some for sesame's birth but I may just use the mister's to save money.
NINE: Vanchi bottle holder. This holds one of lufflump's water bottles or two of his Tommee Tippee milk bottles. It came with my bag and it's come in very handy.
TEN: Deodorant. Not always in my bag but lately I've been rushing out of the door without putting any on. I've decided that putting it in my bag is a wise idea. Anything is better than smelling bad!
ELEVEN: Botty Butter by Beauty and the Bees and Banana Boat sunscreen sample packs. Botty Butter is by far the best nappy rash ointment we found and we tried almost everything. It's magical like Lucas Papaw ointment. It works on bites, chaffing and rashes almost immediately - magical! We haven't used the sunscreen sample packs but I got them in a Bounty bag and they're easier to carry around than a tube of sunscreen. 
TWELVE: Spew bag I stole from the hospital. We've also got a couple stashed in the car. These things are magical and I wish I had invented them!
THIRTEEN: Tissues. Usually I have a small travel pack but we've run out. The next best thing are neatly folded tissues from a big pack at home.
FOURTEEN: Hair ties. Even though my hair is too short to put up fully sometimes when it's hot I still put my fringe up in a dicky pony tail.
FIFTEEN: Dinosaurs for the dinosaur freak in the house. Dinosaurs, apparently, fix everything. I'm also getting better at naming them!
SIXTEEN: Nappies and Eco Sensitive Nappy Wipes. Lufflump is still in nappies especially when out. We are starting toilet training but wees are still a problem. These wipes are the best we've found. Lufflump can get bad nappy rash from nappy wipes, except these ones. Like nappy rash ointment, we tried almost everything on the shelves. Nappy wipes are handy for EVERYTHING too not just cleaning dirty bums.

That's what is in my bag. In two months time it'll change again with all newborn stuff as well. Thank goodness lufflump has his own bag to use as well. Hopefully there'll be some fluffy nappy goodness too, I can't wait to use cloth nappies again! 
Do you have a bag full of wonderful products like I do?


  1. my handbag looks nothing like that. yours is so neat and pretty. Mine looks like someone vomitted "stuff" into it and shook.
    You just gave me inspiration to fix it!!

  2. I LOVE looking inside others handbags. I am so nosy!

    Mine is similar except I am so jealous of your vanchi bag! I really really want ome- they are so lovely! Maybe if I have the extra cash I will order one when I am in Brisbane in March/April {Want to meet up?!}

    I also have numerous pens as well as my schedule book, moleskine journal, nappies, wipes, lipbalm. Lately I also have a story book and train, rice crackers/snacks for the boys and drinks, wallet, suica {train card}, phone and headphones, bank books {Japan is old school when it comes to update your bank book in the machine. It is a paper book!}, denshi jisho {electronic dictionary.....I never use it. Not sure why it is in there}, and health insurance cards folder just because you need your insurance card when you see dr as well as for the boys I need their baby books and hospital cards.

  3. You seem so organised and neat.. absolutely nothing compared to my mess at the moment.

    I have to clean up mine and I know January is almost half way but I'm think I'll join in the fun with this photo challenge tomorrow.

  4. Was going to ask about the pens.... very organised. I can never find a pen when I need it. I agree with the nappy wipes.... only thing that would get pen off my leather lounge in the house. Gave it a once over with the wipes before I sold it and it was as good as new! Dinosaurs.... don't they?... solve everything! A-M xx

  5. Yes you are so organised indeed!! Mine is full of all receipts, toys and even empty sultana boxes! Actually, what am I saying?? My handbag at the moment is a nappy bag!

  6. I love how you're bummed about missing out on jury duty-- why doesn't anyone ever want to do it?! I think it would be fascinating!

    Aaaand my bag is pretty boring-- moleskine, moleskine planner, whatever book I'm reading, my Mac and probably an expired gift card that I grabbed because it felt like my drivers license, and I'll be super pissed if I get carded later. HA.

  7. OMG, does it weigh a tonne?? I have the most simple & light handbag, literally a filofax, phone, coin purse & keys. The day my 4th child started school i went & found the smallest handbag possible to celebrate not carrying anyone else's drinks or hats again. Yay!! There is a future.
    My mother still has a handbag filled with pens, we used to tease her, especially when one time discovered 16!! Love Posie


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