Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sesame - Week Thirty-One

Wow. Into the single digit countdown with around nine weeks to go!

Christmas came and went. I ate lots, felt too full often and was exhausted most of the time. Family members felt sesame move for the first time and everyone was amazed at just how much she moves. 
Christmas Day - comfy clothes
As I said in my last post I started iron tablets, FGF tablets to be exact. They didn't work miracles, in fact made me so sick I thought gastro was back in the house. Naturally, I stopped taking them. I just couldn't function while on them. I have, however, modified my diet so I am having a lot more iron and making sure I have less dairy and more vitamin C so my body absorbs the iron better. Already I'm noticing I have a lot more energy and generally feel better. My diet hasn't been the best this pregnancy but it's all changing this year. Less sugar, more vegetables.

I went for the glucose re-test (GTT) and got really sick again meaning they couldn't complete the test. I had the first blood test, glucose drink and vomited it all up before the second and third blood tests could be completed. The Prof (the birth centre God) has said they need to redo it (again). As I have family history of diabetes (my grandma) they need to see that my body can metabolise the glucose correctly. So I'm booked in to have another GTT done Monday morning. I have no idea what I'm going to do to make myself not be sick again. I'm tempted to take a pillow and lay down on the long chairs at the entrance of the hospital. Camp out and try to relax. Any tips?
30 weeks - all dolled up to go to a friend's party
We got a fair bit of money for Christmas to spend on lufflump and sesame which was so much fun! We now don't need any more size 3 clothes for lufflump and just a few more size 00 clothes for sesame depending how she grows. I held out from buying anymore 0000 and 000 because we probably have enough for her and will, again, to see how she grows. Lufflump was in each size for longer than normal and now at 32 months still wears some size 1 pants. I hope that sesame has the same long limbs that lufflump has. Maybe she can make some good money for her parents by modelling when older ;)

I've chosen the date for my baby blessing which is different from a baby shower like what I had for lufflump. It's more centered on the spiritual aspect of birth. Now I just need to get these invites out that I've had ready for ages. Procrastination is still my strong point. I'm excited about it though as it's something I've never been to and I doubt any of my friends who are coming have either. New territory! What I've read about them sounds like it would be a perfect fit for me at this point in my life.
31 weeks - about to go for a nap


  1. Don't they let you lay down on the beds after they take your blood? When I did mine I felt a little yucky (mostly because I hate needles :-/ ) and straight away the nurse made me lie down! Definitely ask if you can lay on a bed or something, and hopefully that'll help. :-(

  2. You are getting down to the business end now! Iron tablets don't agree with me either, I had to get injections though as I was the deficient after Ethans birth.

    Good luck with your GTT on Monday!

  3. LOVE your new hair. It looks fantastic.

    I gave up on iron tablets too. Hated them. Ended up changing diet and everything was fine- although if there had been serious complications, I might have been a little bit screwed.

    I've read a little about baby blessings and they sound like a beautiful way to prepare a mother for birth and welcome a baby into the world!

  4. Good luck with your tests! I hope it all goes well for you this time around!

    And I must say, you look just gorgeous and radiant in that dress of yours <3

  5. Thats crap about the glucose tests. Here in Dubvegas we do ours at the local patholody lab, so no chance of lying down unless you pass out or something!
    And may i say that is one neat little bump - you hardly look pregnant at all in that maxi dress :)

  6. How did you go with your test this time around?

    I had GDM, but i suspect i was only borderline. I maintain I would have been fine if the drink wasn't so sweet - I don't usually drink things that sweet. But i'd eat things that sweet!

    If only they could just monitor your BSL's with the finger-prick after you eat something - maybe for a week or something. It's what you have to do when you're diagnosed with GDM anyway. It wouldn't be the most accurate, but it would certainly be better for you rather than throwing up like you have been.

    I have to do my follow up glucose test in a month - to see if I now have type two diabetes. Can't wait.

    You look stunning BTW. Only nine weeks to go. Bet you're getting excited!


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