Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sesame - Week Thirty-Three

I'm slack. This will be a collective post of week thirty-two and thirty-three.

Last week we started birthing classes, two down one to go. That's a whole different post though, they're that interesting!

Last week also saw me retake the glucose test (GTT). Thankfully I didn't spew this time and I had a reading of normal. A huge thank you to Troy from Maternity Outpatients Pathology at the Royal Brisbane. He gave me confidence, remained positive when I struggled and allowed me to lay down between needles.

I've tried to cut down on sugar as I definitely do have a high sugar diet. So far that's meant having Coke Zero and the mister confiscating my Nutella stash (lesson learned - hide it better). Neither of which I've enjoyed. I am eating better though, more nuts, juice, yoghurt, salads and meat. My new favourite breakfast is toast with Philly cheese, avocado and either fresh or sundried tomatoes. Yummy, healthy and so simple.
Added coffee
Tomorrow I'm starting liquid iron supplements and raspberry leaf tablets. Hopefully I'll have more energy and feel more comfortable.

This week the sleeping troubles really began. Not only do I now have to pee every two hours at least I also have had to deal with a foot firmly in between my ribs. Apparently this is the time when my abdomen begins to stretch as well. Great timing, sesame. I tried sleeping every which way even with bum in the air - nothing worked. I stretched sitting down, laying down, standing up, leaning against stuff and on all fours. Nothing. Then yesterday morning it felt like she'd rolled around so now I'm a lot more comfortable. Thank goodness too as I was over being bedridden again as I'm sure the boys were too.
Bedridden with my little angel
I'm feeling massive as well. I'm sure I was close to being this big when lufflump was born. My tummy is so tight, it's uncomfy. When we've gone to the birthing classes I feel small and silly for complaining about my size as there are some ladies who look a lot more uncomfy than me! A lady at the Wedding Expo said I was carrying like a boy. It's true, I carried similar to lufflump but I know I've put more weight on other areas this time around. Here I am busting another old wives tale! I feel like a witch ;)

Today the mister and I went shopping at the Target baby sale. I love sales, especially baby and kids sales. So much adorableness! We bought a small electric swing, baby clothes, a gorgeous soft pram blanket, muslin wraps, dummies, bibs and maternity stuff (bras and belly belt). Mostly pink! Also snagged some cheap undies that can be thrown away and pjs for the hospital bag.

I have no idea what to pack for the hospital bag! I'm sure I saw a list in the Birth Centre book somewhere. I do know that nappies and maternity pads are a definite must as I ran out of both last time. It's so odd to be packing a bag for just a few hours. I'll be over packing for sure! 
Thirty-three weeks
What were your hospital bag essentials?


  1. I love that shadow pic - very creative!
    My essentials were definately nappies and maternity pads, aswell as extra sets of knickers ( you never know! ) I know that with Flynn i took a cd player and some music but i think we only had it on for the first hr, and even then i dont remember hearing it!
    Ooh, and also cant wait to hit up Target ;)

    1. Thank you. A bit of a shitty attempt to be a photog ;)

      I went and bought fifteen pairs of undies for after the birth. Some are so huge they could almost go over my belly now! So worth it though and cheap enough to not worry about throwing them out after one use.

      It's funny what we remember during birth and what we forget. I remember swearing and apologising but I don't remember yelling or grunting like I apparently did.

      The Target sales are so much fun. So many cute clothes! Enjoy xxx

  2. Ahhh, you're almost there!

    Hospital essentials - Books (for afterwards), nice body wash, nappies, change of clothes and LOTSA UNDIES! Heh x

    1. I know, it's getting down to the scary time!

      I never would have packed a book, thank you. Nice body wash - you are on fire! Never would have packed that either and that would definitely be a lovely refresher. Thank you!!!


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