Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby Brain

Last night it was hot again in lovely Brisbane. Lufflump and I were squashed on my side of the bed which is closest to the wall rather than the doors leading outside. We were two sweat balls mushed together.

I woke, checked that it was hot outside and moved to the other side of the bed, the cool side. 

A lovely cool breeze came and went. It happened again and again and again. I was in heaven thinking that I'd misjudged the still night. 

Until I realised the cool breeze was the fan. Duh.

I'm blaming baby brain.



  1. Oh I remember those days, sleeping with sweaty little bodies. I miss them. A-M xx

  2. Lord - i still do silly things like that and i'm not pregnant ( yet ) and Flynn is almost 2! At least you have an excuse...


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