Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Food!

I have a sweet tooth. Blame my father for being a chocoholic. 

The mister has a sweet tooth. Lufflump does not have a sweet tooth. Unless you count fruit. He doesn't like chocolate or anything overly sweet. I don't know where he gets it from. Strange child.

Christmas is the best holiday for desserts. We usually have at least a pavlova and trifle. Cheesecake used to be a staple as well, the proper German cheesecake too made by my Oma. 

I've never had a Christmas Cake or Fruit Mince Pies. Honestly. I can't be the only one right? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Thankfully Bakers Delight came to the rescue and I've now had both along with some lemon tarts. I did like the lemon tarts the best, but I still liked the fruit mince pies and Christmas cake. The Christmas Cake even came in a keepsake cake tin!
Fruit Mince Pie with ice-cream - second only to whipped cream!
My dad, the mister and lufflump all indulged too. In fact I had to fight the mister to get some in my belly, he was definitely a fan. We all agreed that the pastry was AMAZING! We had the Christmas Cake and Fruit Mince Pies with whipped cream, yum! I'll be more than happy to include these three desserts into future Christmases. In fact, I KNOW we'll be taking the lemon tarts to family Boxing Day celebrations. I'm not too sure it'll make it to the celebrations, we may eat them on the way in the car.
Cheeky dinosaur ate my lemon tart!
Bakers Delight have given me three $10 vouchers to send out to three of my readers which can be very helpful for Christmas. Bakers Delight has such a good range and I've never been disappointed with their service or products.
Christmas Cake - ours did not look this neat after I hacked into it.
To enter tell me your favourite Christmas dessert in the comments below. I'll choose the three yummiest entries (according to my tastes) to win a $10 Bakers Delight voucher in time for Christmas! Entries close midnight Saturday 17th December 2011Unfortunately this competition is only open to Australian entrants and only one entry per household please.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary pack of Lemon Tarts, Fruit Mince Pies and Christmas Cake courtesy of Bakers Delight. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.


  1. I make a very simple, but awesomely delicious, Christmas icecream. Its basically condensed milk, cream, rum or brandy ( whichever you prefer ) and whatever dried fruit and nuts you like ( i like to use apricots, cranberries, almonds and pistachios ). Mix it all up, put it in a metal bowl lined with Clingwrap and freeze overnight or until needed.

  2. We LOVE those lemon tarts!! Added them into our order of mince pies last year at the last minute and they stole the show!

    Favourite Christmas dessert? I guess living in Australia for 13 years this January I can't go past my new love of the Aussie Pavlova - since it is usually so hot it is nice to have a dessert with lots of cream and fruit that captures the Summer season rather than sticking with traditional Northern hemisphere desserts!

  3. Its a toss up between pavlova and my nanna's traditional christmas pudding... BUT the best thing I like is birthday cake. :p

  4. Ooh it's not Christmas without puddings and pavlovas!!

  5. Nothing beats a christmas fruit pudding (warmed) with warm custard poured on top.

    with the gold coins in the bottom of the bowl as well!

  6. My Mother's PORT WINE TRIFLE is to die for - decadent, delicious & don't drive home afterwards.


  7. Never been a fan of traditional plum pudding although my parents always insisted on us all having a stir and a wish before hanging it out. So I decided I was going to make plum pudding icecream - just all the yummy things from plum pudding (like glace cherries and nuts) and put them in a brandy butter ice cream. Nom nom nom. If that fails to make everyone happy, mango margarita's are a dessert. Right?

  8. trifle is a necessity at our house at Christmas.

  9. Nona big fan of Christmas cake either. But a nutella chocolate mousse!!! Now we're talking!!

  10. Sorry that was meant to read "not a big fan"!


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