Friday, December 23, 2011

Sesame - Week Twenty-Nine

I didn't post last week due to being struck down with gastro. Sunday came and I had a whole new lease on life, got the house back in order and played lots of games with lufflump. It was wonderful. Amazing what a full nights sleep can do!

On Monday we had the 3D scan like we did with lufflump. It wasn't that exciting, actually quite deflating. We all wondered if it was the lady doing the scan, me spending most of the time walking around trying to get sesame into a better position or that we'd done it before. Anyway, the photos are indeed treasured. The similarities between lufflump's and sesame's are amazing!
Sesame left, Lufflump right
On Monday sesame was hiding her head below and in my right hip while kicking me in the ribs. On Wednesday her head was in between my ribs while kicking me in the hips. She keeps turning every which way so who knows how she is laying now. I can never tell.

I had my 28 week check up and glucose test this week. Everything is ok with sesame, she's measuring well with a strong heartbeat. The glucose drink made me really sick and after the blood test I threw the whole drink up and then some. One of my AMAZING midwifes made me Vegemite toast with an ice cold water and put me in one of the birthing rooms to sleep it off. After half an hour I was feeling better and went home. I can't describe how much I appreciate the midwives I have, they are beyond wonderful.

Stupidly I didn't read the instructions for the glucose test properly and had a banana for breakfast which is full of sugar. My glucose levels were 7.8 which is .1 above normal so I'm booked in for another glucose test, one I need to fast for. Most likely it'll come back normal and the banana was the cause for the slightly high reading but best be safe than sorry. 

My iron levels came back a bit low too at 107. On advice from my (amazing) midwife I'm now taking FGF tablets. I'll make sure I up my nut and red meat intake too. Hopefully that means I'll have more energy once my levels rise. That'll be good for the nesting period!

I've bought a couple of things this week for sesame too. One being a simple pink singlet but it's so adorable! It's so little and girly with the little frills around the arms and neck. Oh gosh, the mister is right, he may need a third job! How can I go past all these adorable clothes!? Dangerous indeed!
Awesome night time bathroom mirror shots (fail)


  1. Your belly kills me. It's so gorgeous.
    And I agree a girl would send me broke. Girls have wayyy more cute stuff than boys.

  2. omg the similarity between the 2 pictures is incredible!

    Just some advice, im sure the midwife told you, but just be aware the FGF tablets can cause some crazy constipation!

  3. Loving that belly - not so much living the whole crappy test/vomit thing tho....

  4. Your looking fabulous Ames. I love the 3d photos. We had them done for Worm & I think I spent most if the session jumping around the room trying to get her head out of the placenta. They were a bit of a let down for us too.

    Not long until we get to meet sesame!!


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