Sunday, December 11, 2011

Piquing My Pinterest Christmas Tree Edition

It's almost Christmas time so I'll be doing Christmas Pinterest editions, this one is interesting Christmas trees.
1. A Christmas tree made out of pillows! This would be so much fun at a Christmas sleepover. Just dismantle the tree while watching movies then put it back together in the morning.
2. A book nerd's dream. So effective! A mini book tree could be done too for an Advent Calendar. 
3. A vegetable tree. What a centre piece! A yummy one too. If we were having a Christmas lunch here I'd so be tempted to do that.
4. A Christmas tree mobile. So effective! Not really toddler friendly though and imagine packing that away so it doesn't get all tangled. Not sure I'd be brave enough to try it but it's a good idea.
5. Feather tree. Fluffy goodness! Very interesting and would be fun to have as a centre piece. You could even get different coloured feathers to make a rainbow or Christmas coloured tree.

I'm joining up with Tina and a bunch of other Pinterest addicted bloggers. Check them out here.


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