Monday, December 5, 2011

Hypochondriac or Not?

I feel like a hypochondriac.

Yesterday morning the mister and I were talking in bed. I was trying to make him miss his eyes while putting eyedrops in. That's just me being an awesome girlfriend. I rolled over and quickly got out of bed. Too quickly. A huge pain in my lower right side, near my hip, shot through like a knife. I couldn't stand straight, then I couldn't stand so I lied back down in bed until it went away enough to stand. Half an hour later I went to the toilet and there was blood, just a bit less than a teaspoon (I think).

I was still having some pain so I paged my midwife who told me to go straight into hospital. I had a problem though, the mister had just left for a twelve hour shift and I couldn't reach him on his mobile. I had no choice but call his workplace who were wonderful and told him to just leave and do what he had to do. So lucky!

Lufflump was asleep too. I'd forgotten how hard it is to change a floppy sleeping toddler. The mister managed to get him into the car still asleep. He slept all the way to the hospital and was quite happy to wake up in a car pack full of cars. 

We went straight up to the birth centre where I was admitted into Obstetrics. I got a funky red band as I'm lucky to be allergic to Stemetil and hallucinate on it. 
Could I have gotten into Stereosonic with this?
The midwife came and saw us, taking my obs and telling us I'd need a pap smear type test to check my cervix. The doctor came in and warned that I may have to be in overnight if they don't find anything but he thinks everything is fine. They were a bit worried as it's not the first time I've had spotting. Apparently, I should have gone in every time I spotted. Oops.

Meanwhile lufflump was dragging the mister around the hospital charming the pants off all the ladies. They kept remarking how cute he was and of course he was working his magical 'I'm so adorable' charm. The mister just wanted to either sleep, eat or be at work. 
Piggy backs are awesome because TWO ears are reachable!
We ended up waiting close to four hours but the test did show that I have an abrasion on my cervix which caused the bleeding. Anyone who says that it isn't as bad as a pap smear is a liar. It hurt. It's not likely that was what caused the previous spotting and if I spot again I've got to go back in. Thankfully that meant we were free to leave straight away with a sleeping lufflump who amused everyone with his loud snoring.

So why do I feel like a hypochondriac? This is the third time I've had spotting, I've had a total of five scans and I've urgently paged the midwives twice. I feel like a real pain, like I'm worrying about nothing. When I was pregnant with lufflump the only time I called the midwives when I was in labour. I know this pregnancy is more troublesome than my last but I also know I'm extremely lucky it's not worse.

Such conflicted feelings. I'm not sure what to do if it happens again. Should I go in just to be told it's benign or should I just stay home keeping an eye on it? 


  1. coming from an RN, you are not a pain! It never matters how small you think a problem may be we would rather you got it seen to then having it be something serious and something that could've been treated earlier. when it comes to you & your baby's life, never leave things to chance!

  2. I understand the feeling, but you are NOT a hypochpndriac.
    The way I see it is how would you feel if you had a niggling feeling something may be up and you ignored it so as "not to bother them" and then you found out later that something was really wrong, something they could have helped with?
    It's their job to help, and if you're spotting then going in to get the a-okay for your peace of mind is what you should do!
    Definitely go in. I'm sure if you have Lufflump with you they will be more than happy to see you, or should I say him? Lol. He's adorable.

  3. def go in ames if there is anymore .That is what they are there for I had the same with flamie and felt the same as you do but baby is priority even it is nothing it is better to know
    ps you cow for being so little :)Nic Beeston

  4. Yep I felt the same with my irritable uterus.
    I think it's better to be safe than sorry though. Could you forgive yourself if something happened, and you hadn't got help?

  5. I had a spotting incident when i was pregnant with Flynn and it freaked me out enough to go to the ER. It turned out to be nothing but the nurses told me to call or come in anytime i thought something might be wrong.
    And besides, even if they did think you were a pain - i'd rather be a thorn in someones side for 9 months and have a beautiful healthy baby than risk my unborn childs health ....

  6. Yep Ames, I agree with everyone else. You are not a pain, nor are you a hypochondriac. Painful are patients who get pissed and fall over and waste hours of ED staff time because we have a duty of care to make sure that they are ok. Painful are patients that call an ambulance because they've cut their finger. Painful are patients who go to ED because they've had a cough for THREE MONTHS and it's suddenly very important that it is seen to.

    If they tell you to go back for any reason - go back! Your health and that of your bubba are of primary importance at this time. It's better to over react and for it to be nothing than the opposite.

    Big love xx

  7. Safe than sorry. Bubby is so worth every trip. A-M xx

  8. Better safe than sorry! Always!! I always get things checked. No matter how small. What if it was really something? You'd be kicking yourself.

  9. Totally not overdoing things. They love seeing people come in and walk out healthy with beautiful babies (or bellies).

    I had the same bleeding issue in my first pregnancy with an abrasion and some semi-serious bleeding around Week 16. Mine was caused by some different kind of bedroom action *blush*.

    Fingers crossed it's smooth sailing for you now

  10. Safe than sorry; safe than sorry. I have heard of heart-breaking stories when things were left too late. Don't do that to yourself. So go be the pain you think you are......I am sure the nurses don't think that at all. And I went in early at least once for each of my pregnancies too just when I thought the baby had stopped moving. Thankfully all was well both times.


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