Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Organising Kid's Drawers To Fill With Cheap Baby Clothes

We just signed our lease for another year. I don't know how we will fit everything in. I've been writing up plans, checking the Ikea website and trying to work out if we can afford more storage solutions. It's been exhausting. 

Then I saw the below photo on Pinterest and realised this may just work as we have everything already.
So I started on lufflump's clothes. It took me about ten minutes with 'help' from lufflump. Oh yeah before and after shots, baby!
Top Drawer
The top drawer was for shoes, socks and other bits and pieces. It's now empty! 
Second Drawer
The second drawer was originally tops, singlets and onesies. It's also now empty!
Third Drawer 
The third drawer used to be pants and shorts. It's now all of lufflump's clothes. It doesn't look like this anymore though. The socks just weren't working there and I wanted to separate his pjs from his day clothes. 
Third and Fourth Drawer
This is what his drawers look like now. Lufflump's third drawer has his long pants, shorts, t-shirts, singlets, pjs and a box with hats, earmuffs, bibs and belts. His fourth drawer has his shoes (most used on top), leggings and too big socks (back box), socks, wetsuit, wraps and his personal health record. 

I put them on the lower two drawers so lufflump can learn to choose his own clothes to wear. So far so good. We choose his clothes together and it's stayed tidy so far. It may not work for much longer but I'm hoping it will. 

The two top drawers are now free for sesame's clothes. We do still have to go to Ikea (yay!) to get a couple of packs of the boxes. I don't know how we are going to organise the two top drawers, yet.

We also don't have many clothes for sesame yet. My MIL and I did go to the Baby and Kids Market held in Brisbane a couple of Sunday's ago. I highly recommend attending them, we managed to get a whole bunch of bargains. We bought a Slinky for $12, some little toys for lufflump and a big bag of clothes for sesame (21 pieces) for $37.
Sorry for the crap photo but all the clothes
For our $5 entry we got free Masterchef magazine with Junior Masterchef cookbook and cupcakes. They also had a wonderful set up for the kids to play, watch cartoons and draw. Lufflump also got a balloon which entertained him for hours.
Have you been to the Baby and Kids Markets before? Grab many bargains?


  1. Great organising job, especially considering you used what you had on hand. I use the box from thier first pair of shoes to put undies & socks in, it's a bit sentimental but it works. I haven't been to a baby & kids markets, but I keep meaning to. Jealous you are going to Ikea! Make sure you join Ikea Family before you go, there are heaps of discounts & free coffee :)

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  3. Brilliant job with the organising! But you are sure that Sesame is a girl, right? I mean all that pink........ ;-)

  4. Love the baby market! With my first one I didn't want anything second hand. I'm over it now! lol!

  5. I love this idea for organising draws :)


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