Monday, December 19, 2011


Where has this year gone? It's flown by and to be perfectly honest I'm more than happy to see it go. I'm well and truly over it. Of course it hasn't all been bad. Here's a recap of our year.
New Years Eve
  • The mister completed a Certificate 3 in Diesel Mechanics to help with his entry into the airforce. His final attempt is early January. I freaking hope he gets in, he'll be a credit to the RAAF and we'd finally be able to have some plans.
Family holiday to my grandparents near Port Macquarie
  • He also quit his old job where we used to live. They were asses and the business has since closed down. It was all a big mess and I'm glad he got out when he did. He also got a new job, working two jobs again. We weren't struggling as such buthis first job is dependent on university semesters meaning his hours dwindle to nothing during the holidays. I didn't realise how many holidays uni students get! He loves both jobs and they've both opened up a lot of opportunities doe him which is just wonderful.
Hair changes!
  • I kicked ass in uni then dropped out (again). My head, heart and soul just wasn't into it when I fell pregnant. I was doing a boring unit and had no motivation to do uni work. I will get back into it eventually, I know I have time.
Birthdays - mine, lufflump's and the mister's
  • I started blogging again and fell in love with twitter. I also fell in love with the blogging community and some brilliant bloggers. I've formed some wonderful relationships with bloggers and companies alike. Everyday I learn something new; about blogging, people or myself and that's the main motivation that drives me to continue.
Blog meet ups - HelloEvents + NuffnangKellogg'sHelloEventsHelloEvents Christmas
  • I fell pregnant unexpectedly and a few years earlier than planned but nonetheless welcome. It hasn't been the cruisy pregnancy I had with lufflump with evening sickness in the first trimester and some scares, but it's been easier than some. We found out we're having a girl and our family will be complete. Now to keep trying to convince the mister to get the snip...
  • I began medication for my anxiety. I've written about it before on here and at Mum's Word. It wasn't an easy decision to continue while pregnant but it's helped regulate my mods and lower my anxiety enough to (hopefully) not have stressed out the baby and my family.
Protesting for our environment's health
  • Luflump really has grown a lot this year. He's very sociable and is happy to chat to anyone, whether they can understand him or not. He loves daycare more than ever and is now in the big kid's room. He's very sure of himself, his wants and isn't afraid to make it known. We're still co-sleeping even after spending a lot of money on his own bed but we all sleep better together.
Lufflump's firsts - magazine spread, movie, big bed, swimming lessons
  • We wanted to move to somewhere bigger but after months of looking around we've signed on for another year. Brisbane is getting pricier especially if you want a courtyard, dishwasher and air-conditoning. While we don't have the latter we realised that for the price we are paying, where we are were pretty well off and don't need the extra in our electricity bill.
Lufflump's had a good year!
  • It hasn't all been wonderful though. My grandma had a stroke, the mister's grandpa has been unwell and my Oma has been very sick. Friends, family and the mister's home town were affected by the floods. ALl three of us have had multiple hospital trips, some minor and some not. The mister and I have both lost friends to life. My Opa and a beautiful little baby girl died leaving behind broken hearts coupled with relief that no longer they were to feel pain. There's also been money and life stresses, unhappiness with services and people - you know the usual bullshit encountered in life.
2011, I'm more than glad to see you go. You've thrown some horrible arrows among the good. One of my most hated years indeed. Thank you for the good and fuck you for the bad. I hope 2012 learns from your mistakes and doesn't follow them.
Are you happy to see 2011 go? 


  1. What a great recap. My DH also dreams of joining the armed forces (Navy here) so I totally get what you mean about life being in this stage of 'limbo'- he's reapplying early next year (prob. March?) and it'll be the end of several years of the 'Let's not do anything permanent in case you get a job and we fly across Australia' game.

  2. What a great rundown - i think i've been hanging out here for the majority of it! Can't say i'm happy to see 2011 go ( i've had a pretty good year ) but i'm excited to see what 2012 brings...

  3. Loved reading about your year and getting to know you a little. I hope 2012 is one of those years you can remember forever (and not because it was a bad one!). Happy new year!

  4. What a recap! I hope you get the year you want in 2012. Bub will be here soon too so that will change things. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!


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