Friday, December 16, 2011

Bleh Meh Gastro Plans

This has been my view for the last two days and will be for the next two as well. The mister has spoilt me and set up a bedroom office. I can lay in bed, tweet, facebook, watch movies, TV shows and blog. 

It comes in waves. I think I'm fine so I do housework like putting washing on, starting to unpack the dishwasher with the intention to follow through and finish. Then it hits me, like a wall. A wall of discomfort and pain then I'm locked in the bathroom for a while. 

It's been more than twenty-four hours now so I think I have the five day bug. Thankfully my mum is going to look after lufflump for the whole weekend so I can be sick and recoup.

Hopefully on Monday I'll be back to publish photos from our 3D scan. I have a big blogging week next week with the Bakers Delight competition ending, wrap up of 2011, plans for 2012, sesame update and some other little bits and pieces. I'll then be taking a break and hopefully launching a whole new look and new name for Tutu Ames. All very exciting, but right now I'm going to nap.


  1. Poor thing :( Gastro is just horrible, particularly while you are pregnant. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. oooh you make me want to pretend to be sick so I can have an awesome set up like that.
    You know, minus the gastro part.
    Hope you wake up feeling better tomorrow so you can just relax without feeling gross.

  3. I think your awesome t be doing anything at all while you have gastro - because when i'm that kind of sick all i wana do is curl in a ball and DIE.....

  4. Hope you get better soon! You know what though? I'm yhinkingg I wouldn't mind being sick for a couple of days. I could lie in bed without feeling guilty!

  5. Get well soon. Looking forward to your makeover! I'm not looking at one yet but am keen to consider some new or refreshed goals for 2012. Let's do Christmss first though. :-)


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