Thursday, March 22, 2012

#FEBphotoaday Recap

I know we are half way through March but I wanted to post my photos for the February photo challenge by Fat Mum Slim.

I'm thoroughly enjoying these photo challenges (see January here). I love seeing everyone else's and I also am loving the challenge and different perspective I've had to take. I'm not the best photographer and I seem to capture all the unimportant stuff rather than the important, but this challenge is taking it all to another level. I'm being challenged to capture things I take for granted and am being forced to be creative to be different from the pack. It's so much fun!

I had a bit of a problem though. My iPhone camera broke and is still broken. I can only take photos from the front and only through Instagram. I have to get it fixed when we have some money to spare, although I much prefer spending that money on anything but fixing something that is broken. I've been using the mister's phone and the front camera when he's at work. It's meant that some photos aren't the best quality or have been taken on different days. Frustrating to say the least, but I'm managing.
The Challenge 1 - Your View Today 2 - Words
3 - Hands 4 - A Stranger 5 - 10am
6 - Dinner 7 - Button 8 - Sun
9 - Front Door 10 - Self Portrait 11 - Makes You Happy
12 - Inside Your Closet 13 - Blue 14 - Heart
15 - Phone 16 - Something New 17 - Time
18 - Drink 19 - Something You Hate To Do 20 - Handwriting
21 - A Fave Photo Of Your 22 - Where You Work 23 - Your Shoes
24 - Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet 25 - Green 26 - Night
27 - Something You Ate 28 - Money 29 - Something You're Listening To
It's hard not to go into more detail for some of the photos like (17) Time; the time was so wrong on the Macbook before it got fixed, and (26) Night; the mister leaves us to work at night. Again, it's fun looking deeper and a different perspective for some of the challenges. 
Are you doing the Photo A Day Challenges? Link me so I can follow you!


  1. do you also keep the almost famous soundtrack on repeat like I do? lol

    1. You have such good taste! I sure do! That and Across the Universe :)


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