Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sesame - One Month

Dear Sesame,

Today you are one month old. It's flown by which awakens the whole 'they grow up so fast' fear. I like how little you still are, still fitting in 00000.
Comfy in 00000 swinging in her swing
We've had some feeding problems which we found out was partly due to you being tongue tied. You also drink SO MUCH milk that there was no keeping up with you! We will be seeing if we can get your tongue tie fixed so you don't have any speech or feeding problems like your brother. You seem happy and thriving on formula. You actually haven't gained that much weight, we had you weighed on the 26th March and you were 3.33kg up from your birth weight of 2.92kg. I'm sure you pooed a few hundred grams the day before just for your Noni to clean up.

You are so strong, rolling onto your sides to sleep and holding your head up high during tummy time. You also like to throw yourself around in our arms when we aren't paying you attention or feeding you. I'm scared that you'll be rolling over in no time. Unlike with your brother I don't mind if you don't reach the milestones early or on time (as long as there's nothing wrong with you of course). Movement means more work!

Your favourite place is the swing as long as it's on vibrate, swing and music. Sometimes when the music stops you wake up screaming until it's back playing again. My little appreciator of music making my heart sing.

You also love baths which your daddy gives you and your brother 'helps'. You and I usually have cuddle time afterwards making it a whole family affair. It's just wonderful and so relaxing.
Your first bath
We are trying to keep you sleeping in the bassinet next to the bed but you like to cuddle so much, as do I. You are a side sleeper just like the rest of us. In fact your daddy and I have been caught sleeping in the same position as you. You sleep the same as lufflump did when he was your age; your bottom lip fully sucked in. Adorable!

Speaking of your brother, he is amazing with you and loves you with all his heart. The other night he refused to come to bed until I put you in the bedroom. You are the last person he says goodbye to and the first person he says hello to. He gives you kisses randomly and loves to comfort you when you are crying. I've even caught him holding your hand while you both sleep. Besides a couple of dinosaurs to the head he is so gentle with you.
Damn broken iPhone camera this is beautiful otherwise!
You have so many clothes it's not funny. Mostly pink too which I must admit I am loving. I can use you as an excuse to inject some femininity into the house. Nothing too girly just lots of pink! We have been so fortunate to have been flooded with gifts from family and friends including a lovely fellow blogger.

Talking about bloggers, you also went to your first blogging event at just under two weeks old. You stole everyone's hearts and I was taught how to sling you properly. Now your daddy and I can both easily sling you which we do. Everywhere we go people comment on how small you are. I'm still not used to it and probably will never be!

You've slotted perfectly into our lives and home. I couldn't imagine life without you, my princess.


  1. She is so cute Ames. And oh so little. Charli is going to look giant when they get to meet in June.

    So glad that the first month is going well. I look forward to hearing more about you little miss.

    1. Oh I can't wait until June!!
      Hopefully the months just keep getting better :)

  2. She is so beautiful. I loved reading this post, especially about how sweet lufflump is with her :)

    1. Thank you Tamsyn. I just love how wonderful he is with her, totally unexpected :)

  3. So adorable. I love that you wrote about the similarities between her and lufflump like the lip sucked in etc. I think my kids look the most alike when they are sleeping too.

    Happy 1 month Lucy.

    1. Thanks Lulu. We should take comparison photos of our kids when sleeping, maybe we aren't alone!

  4. So glad your going well. I didn't want to tell you this before she was born, BUT I found going from one kid to two was the hardest time of my life. Adding no.3 easy in comparison!

    1. Hahaha I'm so glad you didn't tell me earlier I would have FREAKED, thank you! I hope four was even easier than three :)


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