Saturday, March 17, 2012

Simplify Your Life Week Eight #syl12

Ok time to catch up on the Simplify Your Life challenge.  I apologise in advance for the bombardment of these posts as I catch up. I'm quite behind as I had a break from this during my blog break too.

Week eight is all about happiness. Happiness to me means many things such as a clean house, shopping and seeing my family happy. Unsurprisingly unhappiness also means many things such as a messy house, crappy finances and seeing my family unhappy. There are days where I am grateful for everything and could burst with happiness then there are days where it's all too hard and I want to crawl under the blankets until it ends.

Around 34 weeks pregnant I, slowly and under doctors guidance, stopped taking my anti-anxiety tablets. The plan was always to start taking them again the day after I gave birth. Over two weeks later and I still haven't started taking them. I know prevention instead of intervention, trust me after working in mental health I know. I'm hesitate though. I want to do it on my own, I want to try to beat this anxiety myself. I know it's around now so maybe, just maybe I can do more to prevent it myself. Mind you I have them ready to take at the drop of a hat. I'm making sure to check in with my emotions during the day, being aware of them and what is causing happiness, sadness, stress, anger etc. It seems to be helping. I do have bad days but usually after a nap and feed I'm a lot happier.
Lufflump's favourite playground activity
I have a large happy list, as do many people I'm sure. I won't list all of them just a few which I try and do daily to brighten my mood;
  • Read - If I'm not reading blogs I'll usually be on my Kindle app reading free books from Pixel of Ink. A big thanks to Deb for linking me up with them.
  • Blog - I find that if I don't do something with the blog daily I regret it. It's so rewarding that pushing myself is worth it.
  • Cuddle - Cuddles can make a bad mood disappear. I make sure I thank lufflump, sesame and the mister for at least one thing each day, appreciate them.
  • Shower - Simple but when not feeling well or having screaming children it's not on the to do list. A quick shower makes me feel 100% better even if I do go straight back into my pjs.
If I'm in a shocker of a mood all of those things help even if just to get me to cry. Is there a better place than the shower to cry it out?  There are more like a nice cup of coffee, music, and take photos. So much can turn a sour mood sweet.

Once we are all sleeping more and in more of a routine I plan on getting up early to go for a walk. I have big plans that include getting fit and healthy by June so that will be included into the happiness list. Once I am fitter and healthier I suspect my moods will be lighter, happier. Since the mister started exercising his moods have improved immensely. I can't wait but until then I'll continue to do my daily happy list.
Do you know your happy?


  1. I love reading too. Think I will have to check out Pixel of Ink as well. My Happiness is usually found at home in a tidy house with my family. Pretty simple really. Look forward to reading your other posts. Annaleis xx

    1. Pixel of Ink is so worth it, I've read a ton of books for free!
      We share the same happiness, simple but wonderful.
      Thank you :)


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