Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby and Toddler Show Experience

Saturday morning I got up and ready early which was a shock from my usual Saturday mornings where I stay in bed while the boys get up and ready for swimming. I did get up for good reasons though; my best friend and I were heading to the Brisbane Baby and Toddler Show.
I thought I was really smart buying tickets early when I could have saved $30 and got them for free from some awesome bloggers. Not impressed at all. 

Stupidly I didn't eat breakfast before I left (even though I got Lufflump his breakfast) and felt sick about five minutes after getting through the doors. Although I still think it was the orange juice we may have unintentionally stolen from the Blackmores Wellness Centre. Payback.

We scored free Bio-Oil, little free toys from Fisher-Price, a free Bounty Bag, free Newborn nappies and a bunch of other little free bits and pieces. I did get a whole lot of papers that I'm yet to go through. I suspect a lot of it will end up being recycled but the stuff that won't will be very helpful.

I did buy Lufflump some earmuffs for when we venture to the drags or doofs in summer. I tried to convince the mister to let me buy a Vanchi nappy bag to no avail (well he said I was smart and could figure out if we could afford it so I took that as a no).

Overall the Show was smaller than the Expo held earlier in the year which for first time mothers isn't a bad thing as it can be so overwhelming. For me though, I was disappointed especially as I paid for the tickets rather than getting them for free. There weren't as many deals as I would have liked, I had a clear list of what I needed (three items) and apart from Vanchi they all directed me to their websites.

Would I go again? If I got free tickets yes but I wouldn't pay for it.


  1. Well , maybe you're right that next time you will go there if it is only for free! But also you had not that bad time , so you must not be sorry!
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  2. Hey, I just found this post. I agree totally, I visited (thankfully with free tickets) and got the same experience, except I didn't get the free bio-oil and orange juce- all I got were free pamphlets of varying descriptions. Was all very ho hum for the cost!


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