Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The mister and I try to use Thursdays as date days. Last Thursday we went to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) for our date day. We'd been wanting to see the Surrealism exhibition since it opened back in June but didn't want to take lufflump as we thought it would bore him. I picked up a brochure recently and we made a proper date.

I'm not a big art person. I can appreciate a good piece of work but I don't know the technical side and cannot analyse a painting on colour or brushstrokes. If I like a piece of art it's not based on technique, it's more based on whether I find it interesting or not. I like weird dark art too and I thought surrealism would be interesting and up my alley. The mister likes and appreciates technique more than me which is one reason why he was interested.

The exhibition was split into years and what was popular in surrealism during those years. There were paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, and movies. The early years (1920's) of surrealism bored me. I found it confusing and not overly appealing. It wasn't until the mid to late 1930's section that I saw some photos that today wouldn't be so spectacular thanks to photoshop but for back then that would have blown minds.

Not surprisingly, being the mythological lovers the mister and I are, we both loved the mythology part of the exhibition with brilliant paintings by André Masson. We were both disappointed this section wasn't larger. I fell in love with André Masson's 'Le Labyrinth'. Amazing. I'd love a copy for our house.
Le Labyrinth
They have free tour guides at certain times and we heard some of one tour. The lady didn't know much about the mythology section (I don't know art, saw the paintings for the first time that day and knew more than her) which I found irritating. I understand it was free but if you have a tour guide you'd want to walk away fascinated and knowing more than you did at the start. The people in the tour guide ended up going back to the start and going through again. To me, that defeats the purpose of being in a tour.

I'd definitely recommend this exhibition as it was interesting and out of the ordinary. If you like that kind of stuff anyway, it's not for everyone. It was $20 for an adult entry ticket so if you don't find it interesting spend your $20 a bit wiser. They do have a section for kid's so that may be a good school holiday option.

Do you like art and exhibitions?


  1. I do love going to art & exhibitions I try to get to the Art Gallery in Brisbane at least once a year to check out things.

    Having said that I haven't been for the last year & a bit as I love taken pictures of Art stuff so I can post them online for others to see but most Art Galleries don't like this

    Do they still refuse the use of camera's in the Art Gallery at South Bank Brisbane?

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  2. Hola Lovely,

    Downstairs they have a kiddies section where little ones can create their own art, shadow sculptures and photograph them. Very cool. Will and I had a great time down there when we went. Loved Max Ersnt's work and my fave picasso was there http://www.allposters.com.au/-sp/Schlafende-Frau-1932-Posters_i382968_.htm

    Let me know if you take lufflump to the kids section (it's free) and misschief and I will come play xox

    lover you.

  3. I've never been to an art gallery, but if I could drag my hubby along I think I would quite enjoy it. I love the painting you picked as your favourite, it's completely fascinating!

  4. I'm like you, I'm not a big art person in that I cannot appreciate brushstrokes and things like that but I do love the way a piece of art can stir emotions and try to get to the art gallery every couple of months. I love the Art Gallery of NSW and fell in love with Madrid's Museo Reina Sofia years ago.

  5. I love going to art galleries. Unfortunately, Perth's can be somewhat disappointing at times, and can be a bit same-same, but sometimes there are stunning exhibitions.

    The NGV is cool - we made a point of going there on our honeymoon in Melbourne a couple of years ago. I'd really like to go to some of the larger galleries - Tate, MOMA, Louvre. Now, to win the lottery :P

  6. Yes, I love creative expressions of almost any kind! Keeps the world interesting.


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