Tuesday, September 13, 2011

26 Before 26 Updated

When I wrote my 26 Before 26 list I'd just turned 25. Since then I've gone and gotten myself pregnant so some of my list needs to be changed to better suit my 'circumstances'. I should have done this before but i kind of forgot about the list. Oops. I won't forget now as I've put the new list up on the side of the desk.

I've changed six things on the list which can also be found here.

#3 has been changed from 'take lufflump to swimming lessons' to 'give birth'. Chlorine makes me sick, even pulling his wetsuit out of his swimming bag to wash has made me sick. The mister has been taking lufflump swimming which he hates as lufflump just wants to play. They have one more lesson then the mister is going to take him swimming weekly so he still learns but they both enjoy it. Anyway, I've changed it to something that I possibly won't enjoy but it'll be worth it - giving birth to a hopefully healthy baby Sesame.

#16 has been changed from 'have at least eight units of my course under my belt' to 'own a Vanchi nappy bag'. The last unit I was enrolled in was Organisational Psychology. I found it EXTREMELY boring and I couldn't afford (want to waste $200) to drop the unit so I just stopped doing it. I'm not technically enrolled in any course yet so I'm hoping it won't matter. I decided to put my studies on hold. In six months I'll have blogging, a newborn, a toddler and not a lot of spare time so uni will just have to wait. I've changed it to something I definitely want to cross off soon; own a Vanchi nappy bag. The mister thinks it's blackmail that I've put this on. I've tried telling him it's definitely not but he still doesn't believe me. Men. I'm seriously lusting after the Doctor bag, it's a perfect size and so very soft. It's so much more than a nappy bag, I'd use it for everyday use as well. 

#18 has been changed from 'take lufflump to a new park/place once a month' to 'take lufflump to Wet'n'Wild'. This one is changed simply because lufflump may have gone to a new place in the four months since this list began but I didn't journal it and I have the memory of a gold fish rather than an elephant. Lufflump loves the water so I thought taking him to Wet'n'Wild would be perfect and he'd kive it. When it gets warmer of course.

#20 has changed from 'read twenty books in a year' to 'read twenty-six books in a year'. In four months I've managed to read eight books, I'm currently reading two books and I still have fourteen in my bookcase I haven't read. So I thought I'd go with the theme of 26 and read twenty-six books.

#23 has been changed from 'go to exercise classes (boxing, dancing etc.) with the mister' to 'write a media kit for Tutu Ames'. I was really looking forward to crossing this one off but with being pregnant and the mister's working hours it just isn't possible. Maybe next year or the year after but not now. I've changed it to something I'm actually working on, albeit slowly, writing a media kit for the blog. I read somewhere that a media kit is the blog's resume. I hate writing resume and I'm finding the whole process a bit daunting. Every time I look at it I start doubting myself and my blog. I'm hoping that by putting it on this list it'll be the motivation (kick up ass) I need to complete it and send it out.

Finally #25 has been changed from 'have date days/nights with the mister weekly' to 'celebrate our anniversary'. I was definitely hopeful writing that we'd have weekly dates. We have declared Thursdays to be our date days but it's not set in stone and I haven't documented them all. I'm sure we had a month or two without sharing a meal together so it's been scrapped. I've changed it to something that should be a no-brainer and simple, celebrating our fourth anniversary together, but I'm sure it will be anything but.  We'll have an almost three year old and a newborn - nothing will be simple. Our second anniversary was celebrated by a candlelit takeaway dinner in the courtyard of our old townhouse and it was lovely. Something like that would be fine, just any celebration really.
That's my new 26 Before 26 list. 

What do you think? Do have a 'Before Age' list?


  1. You make me smile TuTu. Great changes! I need to write a 45 before 45.... bit depressing isn't it! ... and I'll only have 5 months in which to do all mine! A-M xx

  2. I randomlly found your blog by clicking "next blog" and found my self reading your enlightening entry! I have given up on a to do before age list... I am terrbly hopeless and always get distracted along the way!

    Perhaps I should make a "to maybe do before I die list?" lol

    ... you've inspired me to start drafting a blog entry on it. Thanks! :)

  3. I do! You inspired me to do mine! I'm slowly getting through it but don't know if I will make it so may have to reassess! I love that Doctor bag too! I've been dreaming about it!!!

  4. I know what you mean about the media kit being daunting! Mine was driving me bonkers but Ive finally finished it and looking at it gives me a big sad - my stats look terrible and I have nothing in there that makes my blog "stand out".
    But I guess in time that will all change *fingers crossed* :)
    Good luck with your list!

  5. Haha, a nappy bag TOTALLY counts!! Hope you get it too :D

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  7. I have written myself a list but i do have a " 30 before 30 " list that i found in a Cosmo mag as part of a collage ( that i made ) hanging on my wall. I've probably done half of them, and the other half are a bit lame ( like " Throw a drink in a mans face ... " ) anyway!

  8. Ok I have started mine now...


    Thanks again for the inpiration! x


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