Friday, September 2, 2011

Sesame - Thirteen Weeks

What a week. I think I jinxed myself when I said that I was over the horridness of the pregnancy. So not true.

Tuesday night I turned to Twitter for advice on what to do when spotting in pregnancy. I also called 13Health after being reminded it exists by a lovely Tweeter. I called my doctor who said it was probably nothing and to book for a scan.

Wednesday I booked a scan for the next available appointment. NEXT TUESDAY. No shit. Wednesday I felt fine and was double guessing myself for freaking out. Wednesday night more spotting occurred so I called the mister home from work and we went to RBH ED. I was freaking and broke down. Lufflump was gorgeous. I was trying to get away from him so I wouldn't worry him but he clung onto me giving me big hugs and kisses. So sweet.

After being told it would be over two hours to see the doctor I sent Lufflump and the mister home. Less than half an hour later I called him back in as I was about to have the ultrasound. Thank goodness the doctor got called away and the mister arrived just in time. The first thing I noticed was the flicker of the heartbeat - the best view in the world. We also got to hear the heartbeat, nice and strong. Sesame was rocking out as well which the doctor was very happy about.
Sesame and her/his heartbeat
The spotting is back tonight but I'm not freaking out. Apparently around this time of the pregnancy the placenta is attaching itself to the wall and can cause minor bleeding (which is all I'm having). The doctor was wonderful and said that if I have anymore anxieties to go straight back into ED and be checked out again. Seeing as they were so understaffed and busy I am so appreciative at how important they made me feel. 

I hope the spotting stops but I'm not freaking out anymore. I'm still booked in for the ultrasound on Tuesday as I want to get a thorough look and make sure everything is ok. I am a lot more paranoid this pregnancy than I was with Lufflump. I don't know why but it's a bit irritating. Maybe it's because I'm on Zoloft and I wasn't on anything last pregnancy. Maybe it's because I'm more aware of what could go wrong. 

My belly hasn't grown anymore. It still looks like a food baby although I do bloat more in the morning and at night. I can't wait until it looks like a pregnant belly rather than a beer belly with muffin top. I'm so glad I haven't put on much weight on my legs so I can still fit into my favourite size eight jeans. Comfy as although I can't do the zip up anymore. Fly down is the new in look right?


  1. I am so glad you got checked out. If anything for the peace of mind. Nothing worse than stressing about not knowing if you should be stressing.

  2. I was so glad to hear everything was fine!

    Second time around I think you're just more aware of what could go wrong so you stress about every little thing. I know I did! My first pregnancy I was only 19, very naive and no real idea of what I'd gotten myself into!

    Always go with your gut though, it's better to be worried for nothing than not worried for something!


  3. I had some spotting in my second pregnancy and was terrified. I was lucky enough to get a scan straight away and everything was OK, but I was freaking out during the whole pregnancy. I was constantly worried, that being "an older mum" (I was 37), would mean that something would go wrong.

    Nothing did. My perfect baby was born incredibly quickly, exactly when he was meant to. I'm sure yours will too.

  4. Tutu

    best picture all day that I have seen on blogs.

    gorgeous gal x

    take care and you know the offers from me - always


  5. Oh PS

    hmm... fly down... you aren't in the right suburb for that :)


  6. Oh Ames, so glad to hear everything's ok. Hope it STAYS that way too!


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