Friday, September 23, 2011

Sesame - Week Sixteen

Thursday I had my first antenatal appointment at the Royal Brisbane Woman's Hospital. I had lufflump at Mater Woman's Hospital so it was all a new experience for me.

I was anxious going into new territory. Of course I was late only by five minutes but still didn't help my anxiety. Every hospital has different ways of doing things and RBWH definitely was different to what I was used to. 

I waited at Maternity Reception to be booked in and didn't notice you were supposed to take a letter (like at a butcher or deli) and by the time I noticed there were about five other women behind me waiting with letters. The receptionist (bitch) told me I had to take a number and wait. A lovely lady said that actually I was next and the receptionist, rather than being nice, told me that people weren't usually that nice and I should follow the rules from now on. I reminded her this was my first appointment and apologised for not knowing. As far as I'm concerned I treat you how I want to be treated and vice versa, you treat me like shit and I'll treat you the same. There's no need for bitchiness.

Anyway, my appointment was long and quite boring. A lot of paperwork, A LOT. I did pee in a paper cup WTF?!, hear sesame's heartbeat and get some wonderful news. I won a place in the birth centre. 'Won' sounds strange but it's a ballot so I did in fact 'win' a spot. So we plan on having a water birth for sesame.  Very exciting indeed! 

Other than my appointment nothing much has been happening. I'm not having any cravings (cheese and gerkins don't count right!?) and I'm feeling more than fine. Energy levels are low in the afternoon but that could be thanks to lufflump waking around 5am every morning.
Bump is getting there
I'm using a belly belt but can't do up the fly on my jeans anymore
Thank you to everyone that commented, tweeted, facebooked or emailed me with recommendations for introducing a new sibling. We are in the process of buying a bunch of books on the topic (for both lufflump and us) and plan to introduce a baby doll to lufflump in a few months. Thank you again.


  1. It's all happening now!

    I gave birth to my second son in the birth centre at RBWH, my birth story is here:

    but if you have any questions don't hesitate to yell out!

  2. I WISH i had had a gorgeous preg belly like that with all 3 of mine!

    I hope your planned birth goes smoothly.

  3. That receptionist sounds like an old cow! But hey - cute preggers belly you have happening there!

  4. Hi miss tutu

    a gorgeous little baby is in that cute little tummy of yours - it is a girl - I am sure!

    take people with a grain of salt - be the leader and not the follower - teach her great manners and kill her with kindness (or just kill her :))

    have a wonderful weekend



  5. pregnancy looks good on you! I had a water birth...amazing how being buoyed by water can take so much pain away - thats definitely an exciting win :)

  6. Congrats on getting into the birth centre!! By far the best place to birth in Brisbane in my opinion. I remember having an epic argument with Paula one day with her saying that the only place you could water birth in Brisbane was at the mater...guess she'll believe me now. Lol.

    The midwives in the birth centre are so warm and caring. You'll love it.

  7. Wow good on you for getting into birth suite, thats apparently really something special. so happy for u


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