Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sesame - Fourteen Weeks

This week has been a lot less eventful. Apart from Saturday at the Baby and Toddler Show.

Tuesday we finally had a full scan after the spotting of last week. I admit I didn't think anything was unusual and although I did want a full check up to make sure everything was normal, I was mainly being greedy and wanted to see Sesame again. I did have some spotting all day last Thursday but I wasn't freaked out like I was before going into ED.
14 week belly
Belly belly belly
We've been telling Lufflump that his baby brother or sister is growing in my belly. At first he'd shake his head, say "NO" and walk away. Now, however, he has started waving at my belly. It's so cute! We've taken him to two of the four scans we've had and he has been intrigued. We've tried our best to explain it all to him and he's tried his best to explain it all to us in his usual dukka dooka language. 
Hello Sesame!

Strong spine
One foot and face
How did you explain it all to your older child?


  1. that strong spine one is awesome!

  2. That is one kick arse spine pic! And i dont know how i'm going to explain it to Flynn when the time comes but we've already started talking about baby brothers and sisters. He's also pretty good with language so i think that might make it easier...

  3. Nawww that is adorable (Lufflump waving at your belly) .

    Very Proud of You & Your Little Family xx


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