Friday, September 30, 2011

Sesame - Week Seventeen

This week lufflump has been playing more and more with one of his 'babies'. It's small and grubby. He loves it and sucks on it's dummy while the baby hangs out of his mouth. It's so funny. I'm hoping this will make it easier when we introduce his 'baby' in a few months.
Hello baby
I've booked in for my 19 week scan on the 13th so that's exciting. I still have to call the hospital and will hopefully find time to do that today or on Monday. It's all happening.

Honestly, regardless of finding out a lot earlier than I did with lufflump I don't feel like I've been pregnant forever now. I still keep forgetting I am as does the mister. I definitely don't feel pregnant right now. Actually, I feel like I've eaten something wrong right now but that's a whole different feeling. Lucky it's not shellfish.

So not much has happened this week at all. Just trudging along :)


  1. Hello tutu

    congratulations on the little belly :) embrace it - it does get bigger

    have a wonderful day beautiful mumma



  2. I love that we are exactly 10 weeks apart. Although it seems a lot now in a while our small people will be almost the same age!
    Glad to hear your having a good week! x

  3. Hi Ames!

    Followed you over from Digi Parents.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, your bump is gorgeous :D



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