Friday, September 2, 2011

Father's Day Is Almost Here

This Sunday, September 4th, is Father's Day. 

We usually do a crafting project for the mister and my dad. I think gifts are so much cheaper, more meaningful and fun when you have kids. Painting is a fun way to keep memories. We buy a Canvas (or ten) from Crazy Clarks, they are cheap as and can go straight up on the wall. We have many around our house and the Grandparents have their fare share too.
Father's Day gifts 2010
This Father's Day the mister asked for a socket set. I may love tools but I have no idea which is the best brand or quality so I told him to buy it himself. After sarcastically commenting on my reaction he bought a set (not the ones I would have bought) and is happy. So he has his tools and I didn't have to do anything. Winner. 
Doing Father's Day crafts 2010
Unfortunately the mister will be working all day as they are having a Father's Day special event on at his work. I'm hoping to spend the day with my dad and Lufflump. Maybe include some seafood into the day and chocolate and movies. A nice day with three generations together enjoying each other's company.

This year Lufflump and I still did some Father's Day crafts for the fathers in our lives. I planned on doing it all on Tuesday when the mister was at work but it stormed so Wednesday afternoon it was. I set up Lufflump's table and handed him a paintbrush. The kid freaked when he had paint on his hands yet was happy to paint his hair. Strange.
Paint in the hair
Finally getting his hands dirty
He did eventually let me paint his hand for hand prints. I did find blue handprints all over the backyard though. Lucky it's washable paint. Lufflump was painting for the cards I made. Something simple yet so effective. I found it on Pinterest and followed to the original post over at Small + Friendly (our sons have the same name!). I wanted to do something a bit different with the cut out but this was all Spotlight had that wasn't flowers. Ideally, it would have been a car but I'm still happy with the result.
Handprint card goodness
I had to make the cuts at the top as that's where the paint was
I also wanted to do something a bit extra for the mister. Something he could keep forever. I found this awesome idea over at Pinterest as well and followed it to the original post over at One Minute Crafts. Silly me didn't do it properly though so it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.
Next time; use shoes of the same foot (left or right)
Need bigger paper too - big feet daddy
I'm not too pleased with the final product but I don't have time before Father's Day to do it again. Maybe the mister can help me next time. The frame is from Ikea.
Need neater writing
What are you doing for Father's Day? Do you do crafts for the dad's in your life?

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  1. Who is the mister? Is that a fancy way to say your husband? Boyfriend? Special friend?


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