Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bloggy Type Job

I should have posted this ages ago but oh well.

This post includes some of the most influential bloggers in Australia. Amazing women with hearts of gold.

The amazing Oprah of Australia, Brenda from Mummy Time emailed me a few months ago with an awesome proposition (honestly there has to be a better word than proposition) enquiry (that sounds better).

The amazing Lori from RRSAHM is one busy, amazing lady. She has a new, amazing position at In the Powder Room which is so well deserved! It did mean that her busy schedule got a whole lot busier causing her to reassess and say goodbye to her admin role at Digital Parents. She'll still be a focal figure there, I'm sure.

You can guess what Brenda's enquiry was about. Yep, whether I will help admin Digital Parents. I already help moderate Brenda's Blogger's Manifesto but this is an amazing honour and I'm extremely excited!

The wonderful Liz from Mumstrosity and Kristyn from Mummy K have been extremely welcoming and helpful. What can I say about Brenda? She's amazing, so very helpful, funny and so nice. I may or may not have a bloggers crush on her.

So far I'm really enjoying it. I'm meeting new bloggers (over the internet - that's meeting too), learning and having fun. Also as a bonus I'm able to cross off something on my 26 Before 26 - Get a Job. This definitely counts. 

Thank you Brenda for this wonderful opportunity.

Are you a member of Digital Parents? Have you found it helpful?


  1. Congratulations!!!! :) That sounds like a brilliant opportunity.

  2. Congratulations. You are totally kick arse at the job, and you're right, it's an awesome job with awesome people.

  3. Congratulations! Well done. You can only do well under Brenda's mentorship

  4. Oooh - congrats! Its been a while since i've popped over to DP so maybe i need to hang out there more often...

  5. Ccongratulations! I need to spend more time on DP and find out how to get the most out of it. I guess blogging and tweetings takes up so much time already so I don't find much left after that for new things.

  6. But I knew this already! ;) hehehe Glad you're on board!


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