Monday, September 26, 2011

Duckface Guilty Photos

Back before children I partied A LOT. I also took too many photos while intoxicated. Some of those photos are not pretty. Some, I'm ashamed to admit, include the duckface. If you don't know what the duckface is please go to this website and be appalled.

These are some of those photos;

Have you done the 'duckface' or know someone who is guilty? Care to share?


  1. YES! A good friend of mine has done nothing but the duckface in every photo for the last 3 years! She claims to hate her teeth, but they are perfectly fine. SHe has (or had) a really nice smile. Imma call her Ducky!

  2. I'm not a duckfacer. I am usually the one with the stoned looking face and massive grin. Yep. I'm not very photogenic. Even with the duckface you are gorgeous!

  3. Yeah but you look totally hawt doing it! I can't do duckface without ... you know, looking like a duck. Ugh x

  4. Haha.... i am guilty of like super goofy duckface! Mine is less about being drunk-sexy and more about being a fool... and no way do i look as gooooooooooorgeous as you!

  5. You got such a pretty face. Can I shoot you when we see each other? Photography kind of shooting btw :)


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