Friday, October 28, 2011

Change Our Minds

Last night I saw the best mental health awareness ad I've ever seen on mainstream TV, channel nine in fact. Here it is;

I'm very proud that it is an initiative from the Queensland Government. I've pledged my support to share information about this initiative as I feel it's an extremely important message. 
Directly from the Change Our Minds website about what this initiative means;


It’s a fact that nearly half (45%) of Australians will experience a mental illness at some stage of their life.  
People living with mental illness are one of the most marginalised groups in society. For many the disadvantage and exclusion they experience is more disabling than the mental illness itself.
Our behaviour and attitudes have multiple and far reaching impacts on the quality of life and the rights of people living with mental illness. It can lead to people feeling isolated, losing friendships and being shunned or excluded.
People with mental illness can be denied housing or accommodation due to their illness and it commonly affects employment and vocational opportunities.
Feelings of isolation and alienation have been cited as one of the most significant factors in loss of hope and relapse by those who live with mental illness.
Importantly, it can prevent people from seeking help and support because they fear the reactions of people they are seeking support from. Many people feel ashamed or embarrassed of their mental illness.
How can we Change Our Minds about mental illness?
The way we behave around our friends, family and colleagues living with mental illness can have a big impact on their lives and their recovery.
So it’s important that we show people living with mental illness the same respect and acceptance as everyone else.
To make a real difference, we need to become aware of the issues and disadvantages people face. We also need to acknowledge the fact that people with mental illness are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

You can pledge your support over here

Will you stand up for change?

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  1. I saw this ad and went googling that day to find it online and could not find anything. thanks for sharing it here.


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