Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mister Relaxes Washing the Car

In honour of October being Mental Health Month each week I will use Wordless Wednesdays to show how I helped nurture my mental health.
Want to play? Join in the fun - Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love and My Little Drummer Boys.


  1. I can't wait until my girls can wash the car. Woot! A little while to wait though I have a 3.5 year old and 9month old twins. LOL

  2. Yes, of course relaxing, if you see as you leave it shiny. But please do not rain later.

  3. You have to wash cars? I thought the dirt helped to hold it together? :P

  4. Oh, you really don't want to see the state our car is in at the moment! Love how relaxed you look! :)

  5. Oh i miss that, my husband washes our cars & he begs me to do it (like when i could be sewing??) I used to be keen, but now i have children who can stand on crates & wash the cars for us!! I find it so difficult to know if it's PC, is there a water restriction in Canberra or not?? Life in Darwin was so easier, no water issues, ever!! We have 4WD, i like them to look like we actually do take them off road, not just on the city school run!!
    Love that you have ways to maintain mental health, ditto, off to the gym now, that is one of my many happy places, like my studio. Love Posie

  6. Hehehe score!! Reminds me I should clean ours.

  7. I remember when I used to wash my car weekly and clean it out inside too - spick and span - clean and glistening.
    but now alas it is dirtier than before and bark chips in the back floor from little feet and shoes from the park plays.

    And I so need to clean it out next week - this week is taken up already.

    have a lovely day Miss Tutu
    and I posted your / mine blog post about the top list of things you requested x

    x loulou

  8. MY boys love washing the car with Joel. They make an afternoon of it. Swimming clothes, buckets of soapy water and sponges and wicket boys with hoses!

    I'm smart enough to lock myself in a room with something to read. :D

  9. Hooray for a mum who looks after herself... it's the only way, isn't it?

  10. I love sitting in cars when they go through a car wash - all the swishing and suds. Hope Mister made it fun for you ;)

  11. Pal loves washing the car as well! Anyone would think there was a hot chick at the car wash the way he's so eager to get it done! If only he was so keen on mowing the back lawn...


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