Friday, October 14, 2011

Sesame - Week Nineteen

This week the belly is popping more. It's popping higher too so I look more pregnant. Unless you look at me straight on or behind then I look 'normal'. I think I'm going to be bigger than I was with lufflump. 

We had our nineteen week scan and everything is normal. The Sonographer checked the heart valves, blood flowing, brain, abdomen, spine, head size, fingers, toes and well everything. All normal thank goodness! 

Sesame is growing well and yesterday weighed 277g. Sir Sonographer (not his real name) told us how colleagues of his thought there was a mistake with the machine while 'weighing' a fetus as it said it was 20 pounds. No mistake, just a HUGE baby. Ouch!

Sir Sonographer said that when looking for gender they rarely can see ovarian cysts but if not they only see boy parts or no boy parts. Sometimes the boy parts can hide though so it's not guaranteed. After checking four times for bits and not seeing any, it was revealed sesame doesn't appear to have any boy bits! The mister was quick to jump on the fact there are no guarantees. All he could think of was dollar signs and how quickly they are going to disappear from the bank account.

Yesterday afternoon I had some time alone in the shopping centre. The mister was very specific in telling me not to spend any money on girl clothes just yet. Instead I took photos of adorable clothes I will buy. Goodbye money, hello adorableness!
I'd put the scan photos up but I don't have them yet so only belly photos. 


  1. Those outfits are all completely adorable! A little girl would finish off your family so nicely! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

  2. I just love a gorgeous swelling tummy, I feel so beautiful when pregnant, (only time I don't have to walk around sucking my tummy in, lol)look forward to following your journey to the birth of 'sesame'. xx

  3. Weee! Girl parts! Congratulations :)

  4. Too cute! ( The belly and the baby clothes both! )

  5. How exciting! But I'm with hubby. Don't buy anything just yet. I've heard stories of mistaken identity so it could be a costly exercise. Congrats that all looked well. I was always nervous with my scans until they gave the all clear.

  6. WooHoo no boy bits! I'm loving that selection of girly clothes. Sigh. Some days I feel so left out the girly world!


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