Monday, October 17, 2011

Ten Things About Me

The lovely Beck from The Rambling Mummy has tagged me to share ten things you don't know about me. So here goes;
Hello OCD
  1. I have OCD with pegs. I have to have the same colour pegs on the same piece of clothing and line.  If I don't I can't function until I change it.
  2. I used to want to open a cupcake cafe but now I want to open a German food take-away shop that delivers. Nothing worse than craving German food on a Friday night and not being able to buy any.
  3. There is nothing I hate more than vacuuming or sweeping but I do love cleaning windows. Odd ball.
  4. I am hanging out for the next season of Deadliest Catch. The boats left Dutch Harbour on the 15th October for the winter season. HURRY UP! I'm aching to know what happens to the Harris brothers and the Cornelia Marie. 
  5. I LOVE grapes. Green seedless grapes to be exact. Seeds ruin the whole grape experience. It's so easy to eat too many which causes my tongue to swell.
  6. I hate my choice being taken away from me, I rebel. I hate that there are so many 'rules' when pregnant. I break most of them except the smoking and drinking ones, not that I don't crave them though. It sucks.
  7. I wish I had an important job I enjoy and feel important at. One where I help people and work from home. One that I want to do and don't feel like procrastinating. I have no idea what it is but I want it.
  8. I hate my teeth. I had braces for 18 months, they took out the plate behind my bottom teeth and now they've gone back to being shitty. They don't hurt but I swear one is being pushed out of the gum. Although I've gone to orthodontists pretty much every month growing up but now I'm too scared to go to the dentist though so I put up with it. Sook.
  9. I would love to travel on a spiritual journey through India, Yemen, Thailand and Bali.
  10. I want to buy a beautiful house pretty much the spitting image of A-M's beautiful house. Seriously check out that pantry! Love, love, love everything about that house and her.
So there you go - ten things. I want to hear ten things about;
Everyone else has already done theirs so that's all I've got.


  1. I love your Ten things, love you are unique and that you chose to share with us. Thank you :)
    Peace, Love, Happiness xo

  2. oops! That's
    & :)

  3. I don't follow the pregnancy rules either. From the research I've done, most of them are un-necessary, and cause a lot of pregnant women unnecessary stress and fear!!

    Stop me now before I rant. :-P

    And that house- the whole thing is to die for!!

  4. Oh you are an angel TuTu. Lets win lotto and I'll build you one... and then one for me. I will ponder my 10 things.... yours are so interesting.. and honest. I love your honesty. I could learn a thing or two from you. I hate grocery shopping more than anything. I hate watching money just evaporate with food. I'll put mine together and post and link. Thank you pet. A-M xx

  5. Hey, I haven't done one! ~sob~
    I have the same OCD about pegs. Except I also need to have the red pegs together with the red towel or red shirt or .....
    And the blue peg with the blue jocks or jeans. It gets tricky...and Joel LOVES to mess with me. :D

    I used to LOVE Deadliest Catch. Got rid of my Foxtel and haven't watched it in ages now.

    You enjoy cleaning windows???? You, my love, are a freak!

    The German food this just a pregnancy craving? Ugh.

    You are, however completely right about Seedless grapes and A-M's house. Perfection.

  6. Aaw the harris brothers. I sure hope they can keep that damn boat going! I bought husband a t-shirt for his birthday that says' The bearing sea is colder without Captain Phil' Sob I miss Phil! Good list hun, but I think the peg thing will go once sesame is here. So much washing with 4 people!

  7. Aside from the no smoking and no drinking ( neither of which i do anyway ) i didnt really know about the other pregnancy food rules.
    I craved devon in my 2nd trimester so i ate deli meat like there was no tomorrow. Apparently thats a no-no!

  8. I want to do a lot of things you want to do too! Like go to India :) And you do have an important role! The most impt of all!

  9. want to come and clean my windows when we move out? LOL then i'll just have to find some poor unsuspecting person to clean my walls and my mission is complete ;)

    I hear you on the peg thing. If someone else hangs out the washing (rare, but it happens sometimes) I literally cannot breathe until all the pegs are right again. One day i'll find a packet with all the same colour pegs, then it won't take so long to hang it all out hehe


  10. Hello Tutu! I found your blog through Loulou's post today, she featured you and I! I'm excited to 'meet' you and follow! I could so relate to many of your 10 things above. The ocd, the seedless grape thing and having a beautiful house. Ditto on all 3. ; )



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