Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mental Health Week 2011

Mental Health Week begins nationwide in Australia this Sunday, 9th October. 

Mental Health Week (MHW) aims to raise community awareness about mental health. It also aims to reduce stigma and help support families, carers and friends of people affected by mental illness through speaking about mental health, mental illness and education.

Every Australian state and territory have committed time, energy and money to supporting MHW with positive past results. Here are the websites to find out events in your state;

Tasmania - 'Keeping the Balance: Investing in Your Mind and Body' Department of Health and Human Services Statewide and Mental Health Services.
Victoria - 'Mental Health - What Do You Know?' Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria).
Australian Capital Territory - 'No Health Without Mental Health' Mental Health Community Coalition ACT.
New South Wales - 'Wellbeing: Invest In Your Life' Mental Health Association NSW.
Queensland 'You've Lent a Hand, Now Lend an Ear' Mental Health Week.
Northern Territory - 'Wellbeing: Invest In Your Life' Northern Territory Mental Health Coalition.
South Australia 'Open Your Mind' Mental Health Coalition of South Australia.
Western Australia - 'Let's Talk About It' Western Australian Association of Mental Health.
As I've stated before, I'll be focusing on Queensland's MHW theme as I'm from Queensland and it's close to my heart. 

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