Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sesame - Week Twenty

Wow what a busy week! 

The week started with name issues. We were always so sure with lufflump, we knew he was a boy right from the start and had his name chosen from the beginning. The mister and I have always had an agreement that he'd choose the boy's middle name and I'd choose the first name while I'd choose the girl's middle name and he'd choose the first name. Middle names came easily as lufflump's is the same as the mister's (and his mum's maiden name) and sesame's will be the same as mine (and my mum's). The first names were the trouble. Our favourite movie is Across the Universe, my favourite band is The Beatles and both lufflump and sesame's names reflect that although we plan on calling sesame by her first two initials. Honestly, I wanted to call her sesame as I can't imagine calling her anything else, but the mister was very quick to say no. It's less stressful having that all sorted now.

Tuesday afternoon I met Jane, the RBH maternity mental health nurse. The mister and I spoke beforehand about why I was so nervous going and what I expected. I was shitting myself thinking I'd be taken out of the birth centre care because of the Zoloft. I really had nothing to worry about and as soon as I saw her I knew that. Our first conversation was about zombies, dinosaurs and Terra Nova. Awesome! We spoke about hypnotherapy, psychologists, hopefully weaning off Zoloft and sibling rivalry. She really calmed my nerves about being on Zoloft, I'm no longer stressing about being on it especially after finding out that 50mgs is a lower than average dose. 
Conversation starter
I would recommend going to see her if you have a baby at the RBWH as she is very reassuring and calming. I'm definitely very glad I stepped out of my comfort zone, didn't listen to my anxieties and saw her. The support from Jane, my amazing GP, the Birth Centre midwives, my family and friends is just wonderful and I feel very fortunate.

Wednesday morning we had our first Birth Centre midwife appointment. I'm in the RBH Caseload so I only see three midwifes throughout my pregnancy and birth. The midwife, Nicole, we saw was brilliant. She was so nice, helpful, natural and funny. I'm considering doing a lotus birth and the mister is so not keen but we were given information about it to discuss. Lufflump was so good there too playing happily.

The Birth Centre is perfect for us, the rooms are huge and beautiful plus this time we are actually going to attend some antenatal classes like we should have last time. They also have a little library there which I plan to use to it's full advantage. We've decided on a water birth but who knows what will happen. As long as the birth produces a healthy baby then I'm happy.
My uterus is around my belly button


  1. It's so good they have a maternity mental health nurse there to talk through these issues. Pregnancy and parenthood is challenging enough at times without worrying about your mental health and having nowhere to turn. And you're really starting to pop now. :-) For my second, I think I was 15 weeks when I couldn't hide it anymore.

  2. I've been stalking you on Facebook and i love the name you've chosen - and very fitting for a Beatles themed family!
    Also - where do i get me one of those shirts?!?

  3. It sounds like you are having a fantastic experience with the birth centre. I have had (or at least tried to have) all of mine through birth centres (canberra, sydney, and adelaide), and I would definitely recommend it, even though the last one didn't go so smoothly.
    It is great that you seem to have people around you who are listening to you, and are going to be good support - good luck!


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