Saturday, October 29, 2011

Healthy Diet for Good Mental Health

It's well known that a healthy diet can help keep your mental health healthy. On the other hand, a poor diet can impact on your mental health and lead to lower moods. 

Sometimes when in low moods it's easy to forget to look after yourself and treat yourself well especially with foods. It's too easy to be lazy and have junk food. The key is to try to make healthy foods easier to access than junk foods.
Some great resources and articles on healthy eating and mental health are;


  1. I know that i do sometimes still comfort myself during a bad mood by buying takeaway for lunch ( naughty! ) but i do find that reaching for something healthier - like a sweet mango or a chicken and avocado sandwich - actually does make me feel better, and then i feel doubly good because i know i made a better choice for my body. Everyones a winner!

  2. Thankyou so much for these links! I'm struggling to eat at all lately (I have an eating disorder), but I do agree that poor diet has a huge impact on your mental heath! I am working on changing, so these resources will be a big help - thankyou :o)


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