Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nuffnang and Hello Owl Brisbane Blog Meet

Saturday night saw a group of bloggers take over the function room of Freestyle Tout. I love West End but have never been there before. After seeing the desserts that rolled out and tasting the delicious drinks they have I will definitely be going back. Anyone who loves Churros should go!
The bloggers that came can't be all classed in one category. These are people who blog about anything, everything and the in between.
I finally got to put the faces and voices to many blogs including Danimezza, Suger Coat It, Hello Owl, Eat Out With Kids, and Seven Cherubs. Plus I got to hang out with my best friend.
Dani and Danielle brought along a photo booth with fun props. That definitely helped bring people together, make us all laugh and bring comfort to what could have been an awkward night. Luckily it wasn't awkward at all.
The conversations flowed easily, the food was delicious (just ask Zoe about the lamb meat balls*), the drinks were downed ($25 1L cocktail jugs anyone?!), many photos were taken and tweets were tweetered. 
AND as a bonus we all got goodie bags which everyone contributed to. My, there are some crafty bloggers in Brisbane! I am not one of them. I cheated and bought my pouches but I did make a crafty little gift bag topper. In fact, I finished making them at 6:30 that night so the glue on some was still wet. Yep, I was not what you would call organised (by the way, it was all white not that pee yellow, damn photo).
A BIG thank you to Nuffnang and the two lovely ladies below. If you want to come to the next meet or check out more photos go to the facebook page Hello Blogger Events. Thank you also to Danimezza and Aynat Designs for these amazing photos.
Want to know something else awesome?! Well, I was able to tick off one of my 25 Before 25; Go to a blog meet. Yay!

*I almost put lamb balls but after giggling for too long I decided meat had to go in between lamb and balls. Cue the giggles again.


  1. OUh yes, those meat balls were tasty!

  2. I was so glad to get a chance to meet you too. I wish I had spent more time in the photo booth with everyone. The photos are soooo funny. Love that one of you and Penny.

  3. It was such a fantastic night and it was great to meet you. Thanks for the gift it has come in handy :D

  4. I am loving my pouch- it's the perfect size and shape for my small point and shoot camera, I'm carrying it around in my handbag more now because I have it. Thanks!


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