Friday, April 8, 2011

25 Before 25 - Watch final Season of Big Love

I love Big Love. 

I remember thinking how strange it was when I first saw it years ago. Mum got me on it when I was home one Saturday night, a rare occasion. I watched the next weeks episode, and the next, and the next. I would go out partying only after Big Love was on. 

None of my friends understood and explaining it to them was just too hard, it would be a ten minute conversation before they'd stop me because I'd lost them after my third sentence. 

I remember making the mister watch it one Saturday when we were away for a friend's birthday. He thought it was strange too but felt compelled to watch more just like I had been. This was a bonus to me. Not only did I have someone to watch it with but he could also watch it while I was away for work and fill me in the next day. It made for a long phone call. Telstra must love Big Love.

We watched season three when it aired on SBS and bought season one, two and three late last year. The plan was to watch it from the beginning so we could understand it more. Another plan that was ditched. 

We tried. We really did. It's just that season one was full of sex. To be honest, I don't find Bill Henrickson attractive and don't want to see him having sex, especially not multiple times in an episode. If you do, please watch season one and enjoy.

After skipping season one it felt acceptable to also skip season two. We'd watched most of season three so we skipped that too. I will watch them. One day. Not today, tomorrow.

As soon as season five finished airing in the US I HAD to have season four and five. Of course they weren't available to purchase in Australia. 

I didn't think we were that far away?! Couldn't someone stash them in their carry on and sell them to JB Hifi or something? I would. If they paid me. 

I am not patient. At all. So I downloaded them. I had no problems purchasing the previous seasons. In fact I like having the pretty cover and actually knowing what the episodes are called. So there. Australia get your act together and air awesome shows at the same time as America. They did it with Lost. Why not Big Love?
I planned to write this huge post about everything that happens in the final two seasons but i'm having a lazy day. Plus, they are such good seasons that I think you should watch them rather than read them! 

Seriously. So. Much. Drama. How much drama? Well, I'll briefly summarise what happens in season four without trying to spoil anything. That will compel you to watch it. Hopefully.

Season four sees Bill opening the casino with Barb as his sort of partner, he also runs for Utah State Senate. Roman is dead. Margie's business is really thriving and she is coming out of her shell even more. Sarah and Scott marry. Alby has a homosexual relationship with the state appointed trustee for Juniper Creek. It doesn't end well. Margie and Ben kiss and Ben is exiled from the house (debate). Nicki's daughter, Cara-Lynn moves in and goes to high school. Ana is pregnant with Bill's baby and Margie marries her boyfriend so they won't be deported and can stay in the country. Bill vows to out the family as polygamists if he is appointed state senator much to the shock of the family and receives mixed messages from the wives. JJ 's evilness is revealed as is Alby's. 

I'm sorry if I spoiled anything for anyone. If you thought there were spoilers in there you need to watch both seasons to find out that really there weren't. 

I love Big Love even more now. I felt like I was part of the family. In fact, I still do. I miss them. I want to know more even though I know enough. My imagination has created the next chapter in their life. 

Am I happy with the ending? 
Very. It was unexpected. Although I knew what ultimately happened at the end, I didn't know the how, why and where of it all so spent a lot of time trying to guess. I guessed wrong. Every time.
I cried. I smiled. I laughed. I thanked and cursed the writers.
I turned it off wanting more yet satisfied.

Thank you Big Love for the journey. It was quite a journey.


  1. I am also totally addicted to Big Love, but have been not watching of late due to my new resolution of getting 8 hours sleep a night. :(
    May have to download the final series and get my fix. Secret confession - I have just started the first series of Jersey Shore. Call it morbid fascination that people like that actually exist in this world....

  2. Danielle I must send you the last two seasons!

    I've tried to get into Jersey Shore but I get too embarrassed for them. Maybe when it's on free to air I'll get into it. I can't believe they are true though. They can't be?!


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