Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Favourite - Outside

We are very fortunate where we live. We are the only unit here to have two courtyards, one out the front and one out the back.

As the unit is relatively small the outdoor spaces definitely expand the space. It's wonderful for an exploring and active toddler.

We use our back undercover patio as our dining room/common room. There are three gardens, stones and stairs beyond that. It's wonderful.

Our front courtyard is amazing. It's luscious, spacious and it's all taken care of by the caretaker's gardeners. Awesome!
The gate can be locked so munchkin can play out there as much as he wants without 'escaping'.
There is an amazing chair in the middle of beautiful plants. 

Munchkin loves to climb it and I love sitting there reading. It's our magical chair. The fairies left it there for our peace time.
The beautiful shrub has overtaken the three pots in there and I wouldn't change it for anything. It's beautiful.
See our magical peaceful chair. It's perfect. Better than a hammock.

When I learn how to meditate I will do so on this chair. It will become my peaceful, meditating centre.

I'm in LOVE with that chair. I wonder if they'll notice it missing when we move?

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  1. i love your yard ......what a peaceful place .... i love a garden with purpose and a being in itself .......your magical chair is perfect and i see why you would love it it is ageless and timeless and full of wonder ....i dont think anyone would notice it had left with you looks like it belongs with you and your family anyway .........i could teach you my meditation if you like and yes your chair would be the perfect place ...from Ellen


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